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Buff Pack #3

Improving and Innovating



We’re back again with another Buff Pack! This time around, we’re focusing on a few talents we think can use some tweaks. Specifically, we’ve made a few quality of life changes, re-visited some talents that received heavy nerfs in the past, and also addressed the community’s desire to see some pet synergy with melee abilities. Oh, and we also removed the whole ‘spells interrupt auto attacks’ thing. You’re welcome, hybrids!


Below is the full list of changes for this buff pack. As always, you can also find it on our Changelog. We hope you see some things that interest you, heroes!


Good luck out there.


Buff Pack #3 will be releasing today!


Swipe: AP ratio increased from 5.3% to 6.3% and threat increased by 20%.


Bestial Discipline: In addition to increasing the focus regen of your pets by 50/100%, now also increases the critical strike chance and reduces the mana cost of your pet's Intimidation by 25/50%.


Purifying Power: Now reduces the mana cost of your Cleanse, Purify, Consecrate, Exorcism, and Holy Wrath spells by 15% per rank, up from 5%, and also increases the damage dealt by your Exorcism, Holy Wrath, and Consecrate abilities by 5% per rank.


Unfair Advantage: Whenever you dodge or parry an attack you strike back for 50/100% main hand weapon damage. Can now proc off parries.


Serrated Blades: In addition to granting 2% Arp per rank and increasing the damage of your Rupture by 10% per rank, now also grants a 4/7/10% chance on your melee attacks to allow the use of your Garrote out of stealth, but it does not trigger its silence effect.


Improved Blizzard:  In addition to adding the chill effect to your Blizzard spell, now also reduces the mana cost of your Blizzard by 10% per rank.


Eye for an Eye: Now returns 7/15% damage of spell criticals you take, up from 5/10%.

Improved Barrage: Now grants 5% increased crit chance on Multi-Shot and Aimed Shot per rank, up from 4%, and also reduces the mana cost of your Multi-Shot and Aimed Shot by 10% per point.


Setup: Gives you a chance to add a combo point to your target when dodging or parrying an attack. Cannot occur more than once each second. Can now proc off of parries.


Fel Concentration: In addition to reducing the pushback suffered while casting Drain Life, Drain Mana, Drain Soul, Unstable Affliction, and Haunt, now also reduces the channel duration of your Drain Life, Drain Mana, and Drain Soul spells by 4/7/10%.


Unyielding Faith: In addition to reducing the duration of Fear and Disorient effects, now also reduces the cooldown of your Aura Mastery by 15 seconds per point.


Resourcefulness: In addition to reducing the mana cost of traps and Black Arrow, now reduces the cooldown of your traps and Black Arrow abilities by 4/7/10 seconds, up from 2/4/6.


Reckoning: Now grants a 3% chance to proc the Reckoning effect per point, up from 2%, and also provides 1% parry per rank. May now also be proc’d when you avoid an attack and not only when you take direct damage.


Lava Flows: Now increases the critical strike damage bonus of your Lava Burst, Flame Shock, and Lava Lash by 8/16/25%, up from 6/12/24%, and when you cast Flame Shock you gain 2/4/6% spell and melee haste per rank for 12 seconds.


Go for the Throat: Grants your pet 25/50 focus after you critically strike with a ranged attack. Now also triggers from your melee attack criticals.


Cobra Strikes: Grants 20/40/60% chance to guarantee your pet's next 2 special attacks to crit after criting with Arcane Shot, Steady Shot, or Kill Shot. May now trigger from Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike, and Counterattack criticals.


Expose Weakness: Grants you 25% of your Agility as attack power after critically striking with a ranged ability. Can now also trigger from your Raptor Strike, Mongoose Bite, and Counterattack criticals.


Astral Shift: Now grants 4% damage reduction while Stunned, Feared, or Silenced per rank, up from 3%.


Nerves of Steel: Now reduces the damage taken while affected by Stun and Fear effects by 5% per rank, up from 3%.


Auto Attacks: Disabled auto-attack resetting after a spell is cast. It is now possible to weave auto attacks into spellcasting. Specifically:


  • Instant spells no longer reset the melee attack timer under any circumstances

  • It is possible to fully weave in spells with a cast time < your melee swing timer into your rotation without any loss in melee auto-attack damage output.

  • If you cast a spell near the end of your attack timer, your next attack will not be reset, but it will be suspended.

  • The same is theoretically true with with channelled spells, but only practically possible if you have a slow weapon.

  • If you cast a spell or channelled spell with a duration > than your attack timer, you will lose melee swings.





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