Enter the Dragon's Lair


The Lair Opens

Blackwing Lair Releases Saturday, April 14th, on Laughing Skull


Heroes of Laughing Skull,


You have defeated the Firelord. You have cut down the Broodmother. But your battles are only just beginning. The black dragon Nefarian conducts twisted experiments at the height of Blackrock Spire, fusing the blood of other dragonflights into a single unstoppable force. If he succeeds in his creation of a Chromatic Dragonflight, the mortal world will soon call the son of Deathing ‘master’.


Gather your armies and assault Blackwing Lair. Slay every beast, every abomination, that stands in your path. Take down Nefarian, and win Azeroth her freedom for another day.

World Loot and Blackwing Lair


With the release of Blackwing Lair, new world loot will be coming to Laughing Skull. We’ll be adding Onyxia’s loot table to the mix, as well as some other items that have been missing. Blackwing Lair loot will not be available from world mobs at release, however we intend to add it in the future.


Blackwing Lair will open on Laughing Skull on Saturday, April 14th, at 4:00pm UCT (Universal Coordinated time).


Good luck, heroes!





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