Invasion Testing on the PTR


The Invasion Is Coming

Get Prepared and Help us Test on Daggerspine




The Qiraji stir. The whispers of the Old Ones rally their hives. A buzz echoes over the desert. Soon, they will be upon you; will you be prepared?


This weekend is your chance to test the invasion before it hits live. We need heroes of all sizes and levels on Daggerspine to help us test the different events that will occur during the War Effort. Participating will put you ahead of the curve, giving you a rare chance to learn what will happen so that you and your allies can plan accordingly. It will also give us a chance to stress test, and make sure the events go smoothly before taking them to the live realms. Mark some time on your calendars, heroes; Ahn'qiraj testing begins this weekend.


See you on Daggerspine.





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