Ascension Launcher Launches!

Launching Into the Future

Managing Ascension just got a lot Easier




Introducing the Ascension Launcher:


Queue the Victory Music


The Ascension launcher makes managing Ascension a whole lot easier. Not only will the launcher be your one-click stop to log into Ascension, but it will also do the following:


  • Download the necessary World of Warcraft files and install them automatically--No more torrents and manual downloads, it’s all in the launcher! Easy access to Ascension for new players.

  • Download all necessary Ascension files and install them automatically--No more having to manually install Patch A every update!

  • Access a dynamic display showing realm status and links to the Donation Store, Forums, and all Social Media

  • Display current news articles and tweets, assuring you’ve always got access to our latest announcements.

  • Play Ascension with the click of a… well, play button!


We hope you’re ready for a world of convenience with our Ascension launcher. As of right now, you can download the Ascension Launcher by logging into the Ascension Homepage and clicking “Downloads”!


We hope you enjoy the new Launcher, Heroes!








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