The Merge is Coming



(That’s a Super Mario Bros Movie Reference)

Cenarius and Doomhammer are Merging into One Enormous Realm



Over the past month, we’ve been making incredible strides to increase the player capacity of all Ascension realms. We’ve upgraded our hardware, we’ve made a huge string of software changes, and we’ve been meticulously scanning code and crash logs to find the root of crashes, latency issues, and authenticating errors. We’re proud to announce that the player cap on all of Ascension’s realms has been exponentially increased, and that means great things for the population on our realms.


With that said, here’s the announcement:


We can now hold the entire populations of both Cenarius and Doomhammer on a single realm.


With the aforementioned updates as well as a harrowing weekend working non-stop to stabilize Laughing Skull (which was a blessing in disguise, it turns out), we’re confident that we can now hold the thousands of people playing both Cenarius and Doomhammer on a single realm. By this time tomorrow, Cenarius and Doomhammer will have merged into a single realm. We’re excited to get this underway, but before we do, we’d like to address a few concerns the playerbase might have:


  1. Are the populations of the realms low, and is that prompting the merge?

    1. Not at all, in fact, each realm has a sustainable enough population in its own right. However, now that we have the hardware and software fixes to allow us to host both realms together, we want to provide players with the highest population possible to assure a long, healthy life for the realm.

  2. Is there going to be a discrepancy between player’s level and gear after the merge?

    1. Nope. Cenarius and Doomhammer were created just a week apart; their progress is comparable, and we’re confident now is the best time to merge them with little to no power or progress gap between players on either realm.

  3. What can we expect from the merge?

    1. More players in a single place means more of the things you love. Expect more dungeons, more raids, larger guilds, shorter Battleground queue times, more World PvP, more progression… you get the idea.


As we stated in their release articles, it was always our intention to conduct this merge as soon as we had the ability to hold this many players. During the Dark Times of 3 hour queues, the best way to manage the population and lower queue times on our servers was to split the population between different realms. Now that we can manage everyone, we’d like to start bringing the population back together, giving players more options to share in Ascension’s community, and providing players with a dynamic, active world.


We hope you’re as psyched as we are, Heroes. We’ll see you on Cenarihammer.


We’re not actually calling it that.










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