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Our community creates a ton of amazing content; from PvP videos to build guides to leveling streams. We love this kind

of content, and we want you guys to know that you’re awesome: that’s why we’re opening up a section of our website

specifically devoted to helping you do what you love. With Ascension’s new Streaming Section, you’ll be able to

promote your Youtube or Twitch channel right on our website!



This streaming section will be THE place to showcase Ascension related videos, content, and streams. Now, if you’ve

got something to share, simply click on the streaming section and post a link to your video. It’ll be displayed on the

website for anyone who visits to see.


The streaming section is pretty easy to use. If you’re a content creator, and you’d like to share your video or stream, just

follow these steps:


    • Click on “Register your Channel/Video Here”


 This Isn't Actually a Button; Go to the Streaming Section 

    • Put your streamer link in for twitch or your video name for youtube in the specified format: that format differs

      based on if you’re streaming from twitch, youtube live, or submitting a video, so take care to use the right format!



    • Ascension allows you to name the video whatever you want on our website (within reason, of course.)

      However, we recommend that you preface the ACTUAL Youtube or Twitch Stream title with things

      like “Project Ascension” and “Ascension Classless WoW” to ride the hype wave and get maximum viewers!

    • That’s pretty much all there is to it!


After that, anyone who visits the streaming section will see a list of videos that content creators have linked to! If you’re

looking for something to watch, just follow these steps:

    • Click on the Streaming Section

    • Choose from either Twitch, Youtube, or Youtube Live

    • Click the Video/Stream that you want, and you’ll see a list of what users have added to the directory.

    • Click the one you want, and away you go!


If you’ve got something epic to share with us and the community, we want to make sure you can. Every player on

Ascension will be able to sign up and share what they’ve created (we will be moderating it though, so make sure it’s

Ascension related and not something we’ll have to face-palm over and take down). We hope you’re excited to

showcase your content on Ascension, because we’re excited to see it! As always, we’ll be looking to make

improvements to the section as time goes on, and we hope to see a ton of awesome stuff from you guys now and

in the future.


Good luck with your videos, heroes! Show us what you’ve got!

Oh, and by the way, did we mention the streaming section is live and ready to use right now?





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