A New Adventure Awaits

A New Adventure Awaits

A Fresh No-Risk Realm is Releasing Soon




Ascension has an onslaught of new players. Queue times are nearing 2+ hours to get into both Andorhal and Sargeras,

and that’s no exaggeration. Our realms are fit to burst from population--and we’re absolutely thrilled about it.


We expected a boost over the holiday season, but this is beyond anything we could have wished for. The starting zones

are buzzing, world chat is blossoming with questions on spells and talents. Players from around the world are

embarking on the journey to live out their class fantasy and create their unique, custom hero.   


We’re here to aid in that quest.


In an effort to diminish queue times, and to provide maximum stability to as many players as possible, Ascension is

opening up a fresh no-risk server. Our new realm, Cenarius, will be available to all players looking to begin life on

Ascension Classless!

Cenarius will give players new and old the chance to step into Classless WoW, and will offer the the following features:


  • No-Risk - Just like Andorhal, there is no loot-drop-on-death on Cenarius. Enjoy world PvP with no risk of gear loss!


  • An Amazing Leveling Experience - Complete with accelerated leveling and increased EXP gain from our new

Leveling Overhaul, start building your hero right from level one! (Read more here)


  • Your Hero, Your Fantasy - Wear any armor, wield any weapon, and choose from every spell, ability, talent in the

game, to create your UNIQUE character



  • Explore Random Enchantments - Enter a world where looting gear might net you powerful and elusive Random

Enchantments--talents that function as ‘enchantments’ on gear, allowing you to further customize your hero.



  • Azeroth Unbound - Explore Azeroth like you never have before; your custom character will embark on quests,

explore dungeons, and write their story--all while you shape them into the Hero they’ll become.



Cenarius will offer players old and new chance to experience Ascension fresh (and without that pesky 2 hour queue). In

addition, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the server to make sure the population is healthy and full. While our goal is to

provide a brand new, fresh dive into Ascension, we won’t hesitate to merge Cenarius into Andorhal if the population looks

a little too low. For now, however, we invite you to imagine what you would create if you could forge your dream class

is--and then step into Ascension to build it.


Now is the time to let your imagination soar.


The countdown commences, heroes: Cenarius opens at 4:00pm on Sunday, January 7th,  Coordinated Universal

Time (UTC).

Or check out this countdown timer if you don’t like figuring out time zones.




Want to learn more about Classless WoW? Check out our most recent State of Ascension for all of our latest updates!






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