Taking it to the Next Level

Taking it to the Next Level

The Leveling Overhaul is Live on Ascension



Leveling is one of the most fundamental and important parts of any MMORPG--it’s a core aspect of gameplay, and it can be either one of the most enjoyable experiences in a game, or one of the most frustrating.

We’re thrilled to say that on Ascension, it’s the former.


We’ve released a MASSIVE leveling overhaul aimed at increasing the exciting, dynamic, and rewarding aspects of leveling while minimizing the repetitive, grindy aspects of it. We want leveling on Ascension to be something fun and engaging, something players want to come back to and experience again and again. We’ve got lots of updates planned for the future, but to begin we’ve targeted the early levels--levels 1-20--and made them some of the most fun you can have developing your custom Hero.


Here’s the lowdown:


  1. We’ve reduced the EXP required to get from 1 to 20 by 50% -- This means it now takes about half the time to get from level 1 to 20. Get ready to watch those levels fly by.

  2. Increased Kill rates -- EXP from killing mobs has been increased

  3. Increased Quest Reward rates -- Quests now give increased EXP

  4. Greatly increased rested EXP rates -- Logging out in an Inn is great again.

  5. All New Level One -

    1. This one merits some explanation: Originally on Ascension, a player began the game at level one with three abilities--One that used Mana, one that used Rage, and one that used Energy. These abilities have been removed. Instead you now begin the game with 9 Ability Essences, allowing you to customize your character however you want right from the get-go. You’ll have four abilities to choose at level one, and you’ll get your next at level 10. This means if you have an idea of what kind of character you want to level, you’ll be able to start building towards it right at level one. Especially because...

  6. All abilities pre-level 10 are available to choose at level 1--You want to get Tame Pet at level one? Go for it. We made that a thing.

  7. Lowered the level requirements of a TON of new abilities in the 1 through 20 range--Aspect of the Cheetah at level 10, anyone? It’s you vs. terrain, and you’re winning.

  8. Increased Loot on Leveling Elite Mobs--It’s worth killing those elites out in the world and in dungeons while you level!

  9. Increased EXP Gained from Elite World Mob Quests--Completing these quests will yield MASSIVE EXP rewards.

  10. Balanced all Low-Level Spells to fit the Classless System--Balanced spells means more spells are viable; play what you want, not what you need to.

  11. Introduced Recruit a Friend--We told you we would! With Recruit a friend, you'll get the follwing bonuses:

      1. Summon Friend - Both players will have the option to summon eachother.
      2. Increased Quest Experience when leveling with your friend.
      3. Increased Kill Experience when leveling with your friend.
      4. Grant your friend 1 level for every 2 levels you gain.
      5. An Exclusive, limited time 2-person mount.
  12. Gathering Professions now Grant Experience--That peacebloom is looking a little more tasty now that it grants EXP.

  13. Looting Chests Grants your Entire Party Experience--How’s that for a cool update?

  14. Reduced EXP Lost When in Groups Drastically--Grouping with other players is now an amazing option for leveling. Run those low level dungeons--with the increased EXP and loot drop from elite mobs, you’ll find yourself flying through levels.

  15. Killing a Rare Spawn now Grants an Immense Chunk of EXP--This change means that killing a rare mob is basically the same as completing a quest. It’s a huge chunk of EXP.


These changes are designed to make the leveling process feel incredible, heroes. With the increased EXP and reduced requirements to get from 1 to 20, the early game on Ascension is a playground of fast-paced leveling and discovering your custom hero. In addition, the increased EXP and loot from Elite mobs coupled with the reduced party-EXP-penalty rates means that grouping, dungeons, and party-play are an amazing way to both level and gear up. Now is the best time to bring your friends to Project Ascension and try out Classless WoW!


Good luck out there, Heroes.





If you'd like to know more about what we've been up to, check out our newest Q&A Video!





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