The Cross Faction Auction House is Live!


Because the Economy Has no Faction

Cross-Faction Auction House is Live on Andorhal and Sargeras




When it comes to making gold, faction differences should be the least of your worries. If you have a commodity and someone is looking to buy it, then you should be able to sell--ideally without running all the way to Booty Bay or Tanaris. The economy is like love; it cares not for the lables of mortal institutions like Horde and Alliance! That’s why we’re proud to make an announcement:


The Auction Houses on both Andorhal and Sargeras have officially gone cross-faction.


We know it’s something you’ve been asking for, and we found a way to make it happen. From now on, speaking with your local auctioneer will open up a marketplace containing all listed auctions, regardless of the lister’s faction. That means you’ll be able to see and purchase items put up by both Horde and Alliance players. This Cross-Faction AH it will function identically to the neutral Auction House that exists in cities like Tanaris, Booty Bay, and other goblin cities. In fact, all auction houses are part of one huge auction house, so feel free to post those drops while you're out questing--your friends in major cities will have quick access to them.


We hope the cross-faction to the AH boosts its usage and provides an easier way for players to barter and trade. Good luck out there, Heroes!


And keep your eyes open. The best is yet to come.







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