Build your Library: Tome Collection is Coming


Tomes are now Stored in your Tome Collection




December 1st marks the beginning of a month of MASSIVE updates for Project Ascension. We’ve got big things waiting in the wings; from the RE Overhaul to a few things we haven’t announced yet. For now, we want to creep out of our lair just a little and bring you the first update of many: Tome Collection.



Here’s the lowdown:


  • All players will have a new section in their Character Upgrades page: Tome Collection. This page shows you a list of all the Tome Ranks of spells that exist in the game. You can toggle it to show all of them, or just the ones you know.

  • When you find a tome, right click it to add it to your collection. After you do, you’ll be able to teach yourself that rank of the spell/ability at any time!

    • Note that you’ll have to have the spell/ability in order to learn the tome!

  • Any time you want to learn a tome you have stored, simply open your Tome Collection, click the tome you want to learn, and hit the “Activate Tome” button. Presto! You’ve got your new spell rank.



Our goal with Tome Collection is to eliminate the feeling of being “stuck” in a spec. Whereas before it was vital to stock up on tomes before respecing, now it’s enough to get a spell or ability tome one time. Add it to your collection, and you’ll know it forever; no matter how many times you change your build.


This update is your chance to really get excited about trying new specs! Test some different spell/ability combinations, figure out which ones are right for you, and take another step forward to forging your unique, ultimate hero. So go ahead! Try that build you’ve always been curious about, get it down JUST the way you want it, and then open up your Tome Collection. Every tome you’ve learned will be right there, safe and snug, ready to take your spec to the next level.

And don't let your guard down yet, heroes: this update is but the first of many. Keep a steady eye for what might be lurking just ahead...







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