Lord Kazzak Claims his Throne

Lord Kazzak returns to the Scar




Deep within the Tainted Scar, through hellfire, ash, and smoke, lie all that remains of the Burning Legion’s second invasion. They are routed, disorganized, and vulnerable. Heroes from across Azeroth have cut them down in droves, one by one, for treasure, Mystic Runes, and sport. Others have enslaved them, treated them as tools to crush their enemies, and discarded them when their usefulness was ended.


But they will suffer it no longer. Their leader has returned.


Lord Kazzak returns to the Tainted Scar. He rallies his legion, and moves to unleash it upon any pitiful band adventurers who have the gall to stand before him. If he is not stopped, it will mean the opening of the Dark Portal--and while that may at first seem extremely appealing, it’s actually very, very bad. Trust us. There are demons on the other side of that thing. You really don’t want it opened.


Gather your allies, storm the Tainted Scar, and crush the remnants of the Legion on Azeroth, heroes. Take down Lord Kazzak, and claim the rewards.

Good luck.






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