Winter is Coming - Alterac Valley Opens Friday!


Get Ready for the Storm


The Best Battleground is opening on November 17th + a few BG Fixes Active Now




Deep in the heart of the Alterac Mountains lies a valley you all know well. Although it has been available for you to plunder upon random occasion, we’ve just finished bringing it to par with our classless systems. The stage is set, the bosses are ready, and we’re about to open the flood gates.

Alterac Valley will be opening Friday, November 17th


Join up with 40 allies and lead the fight for either the Frostwolf Clan or the Stormpike Expedition in the largest, most snow-filled battleground of them all. Engage in massive 40v40 battles, gain reputation to unlock some of the best gear in the game, and work together with your team to unleash ferocious bosses on the enemy. If you persevere, you’ll be rewarded.


Plus you can finally find out what happens when you equip both [The Unstoppable Force] and [The Immovable Object].


In Addition:


We’ve made a few tweaks to all battlegrounds that are going to DRASTICALLY increase their

health. These changes have already been implemented, and you can enjoy them RIGHT NOW. Check this out:


  1. If you enter a battleground (such as Warsong Gulch), you will be removed from any other battleground queues. This will immediately stop people from joining one BG and then leaving to another for a free, easy win. We’re havin’ none of that.


  1. You can no longer form a pre-made battleground group with more than 5 people. We’ve limited the strength of pre-made groups, and decreased the likelihood that you’re going to run into the same 10 people in Arathi Basin again and again and again. We’re going to keep monitoring this change and adjust accordingly.


  1. Reputation gained in Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch has been doubled. We want you to feel like the process towards great battleground gear isn’t such a huge, slow grind. BG gear is very powerful, and we want it to take some effort, but the current state of reputation gain has it taking a little too much effort. This is mostly a result of our expedited release schedule. We’ve doubled WSG and AB rep gains to match our timeline. You’ll be seeing a lot more gear a lot quicker, heroes.


We hope you’re excited for our next batch of BG tweaks. The health of battlegrounds is constantly on our minds, and we want to make sure you know we’re working to improve them.

Good luck, heroes!





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