Elite Mob Loot and Gold Overhaul


Bigger mobs, bigger rewards.


Elite Mob Loot Tables Majorly Buffed


Heroes of Ascension!


Gold is magnificent. It’s shiny, it’s collectable, and you can spend it on anything and everything from Random Enchantments to new and stronger pieces of equipment. It is the blood of World of Warcraft, and having a lot of it just makes players feel good.


Obtaining it, however, is a tricky business; some pick up a profession, others run dungeons, and on Sargeras, many players roam the world searching for others to pilfer via Fel Commutation.


Others hunt the biggest, baddest monsters they can find. And those monsters just made a withdrawal from the bank.


As of now, many 55+ elite zones that weren't viable for AoE farming have had their loot drastically increased. Mostly item drops, a little bit of gold, but its all gotten bigger, and there are more reasons to kill these guys than ever before. If you’re a spec that focuses on dealing tons of single-target damage, then this update is going to fill your pockets with sweet, sweet dosh.


Additionally, the real value is coming from increased % drop chance and additional dropped items--vendor trash that will fetch a pretty penny when sold.

That sounds cool. Why the Change?


Gold is a huge and necessary part of Ascension. Whether you need to insure your gear or roll RE’s, you need mad bucks to do it. By buffing certain areas of mobs (the 55+ elite mobs in places like Darkwhisper Gorge and The Tainted Scar), we provide a way for players with high single-target dps specs to really make some cash. As an added bonus, by creating new areas in the world that players want to venture, we open up new places for dynamic interaction between players. New people in new areas means new world PvP, group exploration, and more gold circulation between players.

What’s Being Changed?


Everyone is familiar with areas of Elite Mobs: Darkwhisper Gorge, The Tainted Scar, Alcaz Island, etc. These are areas where the strongest of all monsters roam, and where, in Vanilla, only the bravest ventured. We’re amping up the rewards for people brave enough to farm there:


  • The amount of gold Elite Mobs in specific zones drop has been drastically increased

  • The % drop change of rare items off these mobs has been drastically increased

  • The mobs in this area now drop unique, high-value loot that can be vendored for tons of dosh.


We hope this change allows more players to get a lot more dinero, and allows for a healthier server economy. Go forth, Heroes, and slay your greatest foe: the deficit in your wallet.








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