Cross-Faction BG's - Live on Andorhal


Once hated, now needed…


Cross-Faction Battlegrounds are Live on Andorhal!


Greetings, Heroes of Andorhal!


You have struggled with Battlegrounds for too long. Time and time again, one side has dominated, and the other has simply bled. No longer.


Cross-Faction PvP has been implemented on Andorhal.


Arathi Basin has become a place of teamwork, not numbers. Warsong Gulch must now be won by strategy, not graveyard camping. The Horde and Alliance must work together to conquer their foes regardless of past differences. Those who, in one lifetime, may have been your most hated enemy, may now stand beside you as a guardian, as a shield, or as a healer. And those who you remember as your most stalwart ally may now be nothing more than an obstacle to victory. Each new Battleground, your allies will change. Each new victory, each new defeat, relies more than ever on you.


Steel yourselves, heroes. You may, in this new time, gain allies stronger than ever before, but those who once stood beside you…


...will now long to see you fall.


This change was brought about by the voice of the community, and we want you to know that with this update, more than ever, your words are reaching us. The goal of Project Ascension is, and has always been, to give the players the type of game they want to play. We realize not all of your desires can be met immediately, but at the pace we can, in the ways we can, we’re changing the game for you.


We hope you enjoy Cross-Faction Battlegrounds, Heroes of Andorhal. Take to the field with new allies, and good luck against past friends.







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