Sargeras is Launching Tomorrow!

Sargeras Release and Information





The time has nearly come for you to take up arms against the other denizens of Sargeras!


This Friday, July 21st at 6:00PM CEST, Sargeras will have its live release! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to log in and begin your adventure, where danger lurks around every corner and your items are at risk of being taken by enemy combatants…

For those who are not fully aware of what Sargeras has to offer, here is some information:


  • Sargeras is a 3x XP realm, with the option of making your leveling experience set to 1x XP, which will earn you the exclusive reward of “the Resolute”. More information about this title can be found here.

  • Sargeras has Free For All PvP. Starting at level 20, you can attack and are attackable by other players, regardless of faction. Cities and taverns are your only safe havens.

  • Upon defeating an enemy player that is within five levels of you, they drop a chest. Inside of this chest will be items from their inventory and a small number of items that they have equipped. Items can be saved, however, through Fel Commutation. Click here for more information on Fel Commutation.


Check out the trailer for Sargeras:


We are proud to bring you our second realm of Sargeras. Happy Hunting Heroes!


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