Andorhal is Live! Information and Updates!

Andorhal is Live





The realm of Andorhal is now live, giving you the opportunity to explore and conquer the world of Azeroth with the Ascension community!

As time continues, more changes, fixes, and content will be released, which will improve already existing systems and introduce even more gameplay features for your enjoyment.


We’ve developed and expanded our systems to deal with the vast majority of performance and lag issues brought with the massive increase of players.


Remember that the Bug Tracker is still active, and any bugs that are found should be reported through our website so they may be fixed!

The realm has been active for only four days, and we already have our first level sixty. Congratulations to Nosentic!


Changes have also been made to the website, and more are to come! Our project timeline is on its way, as well as visual updates and informational updates to other pages!


For your convenience, here are some other informative resources relating to the server:

Sargeras Information


Donation Item Information





If you have not yet joined our Discord Server, you can do so here!




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Thank you for your continued support!



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