To Battle! PvP Progression 3 Releases Tomorrow


Towards Battle we Ride

PvP Progression 3: Marshall Gear, PvP Mounts, and More




New rewards are yours to claim. As Season 5 rages on, you prove your skill with every battle, every fight, and grow stronger with each victory. Such dedication deserves spoils: the armor of champions and the steeds of War:


PvP Progression 3 is here.


Season 5’s third PvP Progression brings with it a flood of new weapons, armor, and mounts that Heroes can struggle to obtain.


  • Marshall and Field Marshall Epic Equipment

    • Available for Arena Points

  • Battleground Epic Items 

    • (WSG/AB/AV Epics)

  • Black PvP Mounts for all Races

  • Current Arena Gear purchasable for Honor


To celebrate the coming of PvP Progression 3, 40v40 Battlegrounds will rage for two hours after the content update, starting at 18:00 server time and going until 20:00. Don’t miss out on this chance to dive into this weekend’s Battle Brawl.


Prove your mettle, Heroes. Through Arena, Battlegrounds, or World PvP you have the chance to dominate the competition. Rise through the ranks, equip your Hero, and conquer every challenge.

Good luck on the battlefield.






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