Put the Pieces Together


A Gruesome Construction

The Construct Quarter Opens Soon!




Green sludge creeps from the entrance of Naxxramas’s next wing. A toxic poison drips like blood from the ceilings, and pools in the cracks of stone. Abominations lumber through the halls, dragging meat cleavers, hooks, and their own rotting intestines. Those who build them continue sinister experiments, stitching together new horrors from corpse and bone. 


Prepare to face the true atrocities of the Scourge: the Construct Wing is now open!


Get ready to dive into the fourth wing of Naxxramas! As you enter into these toxic catacombs, prepare to face the terrifying creatures that the scourge have stitched together. The following bosses wait in your path:


Gear up and set out for war, heroes--this wing will be a nightmare if your group isn’t constructed properly.


Good luck!


The Construct Quarter is open now on Legacy Realms!






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