Guards on Patrol!


Guards, Guards!

Defending the Weak: Townspeople and Guard Overhaul



  • Activating Criminal Intent prompts all nearby guards to “arrest” you

  • Attacking a Citizen will summon additional NPCs to defend them

  • Citizens are more responsive to player karma

  • Updates and bugfixes to general Guard AI




Life is tough for a citizen of Azeroth. From monsters to wolves, dragons to harvest reapers, the townspeople of the world face death daily. Worst of all, on Ascension, these hapless individuals occasionally have to watch out for the very individuals whose aid they seek--rogue adventures may turn from friend to foe with just a dash of criminal intent. Not only do townspeople have the outside world to fear, but also the appearance of Outlaws.


Luckily, farmers and blacksmiths the world over can rely on the ever watchful gaze of town guards to protect them from ‘Heroes’ with evil intent!

Oh geez, someone should really do something…


At least they should be able to. With all the violence and suffering in the world, guards on Ascension have become desensitized to violence even when it’s happening only thirty feet away. Weak and innocent townsfolk should be able to rely on guard intervention should an adventure try and give them the ole’ shakedown. Thus, guards all across Ascension have been recently called in for disciplinary meetings.


Guards on Ascension have rekindled their thirst for JUSTICE!


Animated GIF

Stop! You’ve violated the law!


Townspeople the world over can feel safer in the presence of guards: activating criminal intent prompts all nearby guards to attack you. 


Now, if a roving Outlaw attempts to dispatch a Quest Giver or important Townsperson, they’ll have to think twice about drawing that sword. Guards are tough customers, and while a smooth criminal might be able to handle a few, unlucky griefers will find themselves quickly overwhelmed.


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Never should have come here!


Citizens now respond to player Karma


With the recent surge in guard activity, however, rumors have spread quicker of no-good, dastardly outlaws. Thus, townspeople have learned to spot the signs of a criminal. If a townsperson spots a criminal nearby, they might be inclined to react. 


Animated GIF

Spare me my life!


Be careful tormenting the innocent, however--it’s always possible a Protector will be on-hand to show you the error of your ways.


Finally, many civilians have been inspired by the guards recent surge in duty, and have decided to take up their own arms in the event that one of their own are threatened. Many NPCs who can wield a sword will jump at the chance to teach an outlaw the error of their ways. These individuals, in addition, have mastered the art of stealth, and might appear literally from nowhere if you threaten their fellow townsfolk.


Animated GIF

Attacking certain civilians spawns guards, too!


As guards and townspeople rally to defend their homes from the likes of outlaws, we hope the world is a bit safer for Quest Givers and important town NPCs, heroes. If you see any criminals giving townsfolk a hard time, be sure to smack them upside the head yourself--it might not yield any physical reward, but keeping the peace and defending the innocent is its own reward!


The Guard update is live now!






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