End of Season Updates to Laughing Skull!


Treasure and Temples, Ruins and Rares

Updates to Laughing Skull on the Horizon


Heroes of Laughing Skull!


With Season 2 Ending, and a slew of new characters on their way to Legacy Realms, it’s time once again for some updates! While this first batch targets Laughing Skull in particular, players on both realms can look forward to more updates for their realm coming soon.


Lets jump in!


Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Loot added as World Drops!


Let the whispers of the Old Gods embrace you, heroes; AQ loot will soon be available as world drops!


Soon, loot from the Temple and Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj will be added to the loot templates of world monsters: that means you’ll be able to snag even rarer gear from monsters roaming Azeroth. However, AQ loot drop rates will be based on the ilvl system, so if you’re looking to nab a new cloak, trinket, or ring, you’ll need to head out in your best gear. The risk might be worth it though, heroes; Ahn’Qiraj items are the strongest currently available.


Loot from Ouro and C’thun will be added at a later date. Additionally, for set pieces, the actual set piece will drop, rather than the quest item used for turn-in.


Rare Spawn Tweaks and Randomization


Rare Spawns on Laughing Skull are pretty exciting to spot--they award bonus EXP when slain, have a higher chance to drop epic loot, and because of that, feel really great to find and slay. With the coming update to Laughing Skull, Rare Spawns are changing in a few different ways to make them easier to encounter, and more satisfying to conquer.


  1. All Rare Monsters level 50+ have random respawn timers

    1. Rather than leave Rare Spawns on predictable, calculable timers that savvy players can farm, Rare Spawn Timers are getting a bit of chaos added to them. Now, after a Rare Spawn dies, the time before it respawns will be random. That means a higher chance for more players to  see and slay them, and less possibility for a few players to farm them on rotation.

  2. Lowered the Respawn Timer for many high-respawn-timer Rare Monsters

  3. Tweaked some special Rare Monsters

    1. Duke Ragereaver, Baron Bloodbane, and Death Knight Soulbearer have had their levels adjusted to 59, and will drop loot accordingly

    2. Tidelord Rrurgaz is now Rare and will drop loot accordingly


Elemental Invasion Overhaul


Every so often, Azeroth is attacked by Elemental Invaders. Similar to World Events, these creatures pour in from the nether in specific locations and wreak havoc, until adventurers put them down. These Invasion Points are great places to nab some Mystic Orb Shards, and on High-Risk, a great place to snag some epic loot--each invasion has an associated World Boss, known for dropping tasty treasures. These Elemental Lords can be solo’d by skillful adventurers, and if they go down, they have a very high chance to drop epic dungeon loot.


With this update, however, Invasion Bosses will be a bit trickier to lure out into the open: now, in order to coax them out, you’ll need to halt their underlings.


Every time you slay an Elemental Invader, the Elemental Lord has a chance to spawn. With each invader you kill, the chance grows, until finally the Lord shows itself. The final battle, then, is up to you.


What this means for players is this: if you see an Elemental Invasion announcement ring out, you won’t have to worry that someone will have slain the boss before you even get there. Any player who arrives first will need to slay Invaders, giving other heroes a chance to join the frey. With more people tackling Invaders, forcing the boss to spawn, there’s a higher chance of players running into each other--meaning either more friends, or more enemies. Can you put aside your differences long enough to slay a boss? Or will you arrive a little afterwards and slay those who got there before you, taking the Boss for yourself?

These updates will be arriving to Laughing Skull later this week! We hope you’re excited to delve out into the open world and collect your newest gear set. Don’t forget to ignore those whispers when you’re covered in Ahn’Qiraj epics--they might drive you mad.






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