Would you Like to Save Your Progress?


Instance Checkpoints are Live!

Would you Like to Save your Progress?




Have you ever been close to clearing an instance, only to wipe on a boss a few times and spend just as much time as you did attempting it running back to fight it? Have you ever longed for some kind of ‘save point’ where, if your group wiped, you could start from there instead of running all the way back to the instance and then through the instance? Sure, it’s not so bad if your group wiped on the first boss--but what if it’s the final boss? That’s so much time running! How much time have you got to waste running?


Here on Ascension, we believe as much in small, quality of life updates as we do in large, foundation-shattering ones--see our Foundations article for the latter. We also believe that it’s 2019, and while the walk-of-shame back to a boss room might have been a necessity of 2005 era gaming, it isn’t needed now.


Introducing Instance Checkpoints.


Instance Checkpoints are simple: every time you engage a boss in a raid, you’ll unlock a checkpoint near that boss. If at any point after that members of your group meet an untimely end, they’ll have the choice to revive at the checkpoint instead of the nearest graveyard. That means, if your raid wipes on a boss, you’ll be able to revive at that boss’s checkpoint, buff up, and give it another attempt. Plain and simple!


This change is a quick and easy quality of life one. Our hope is that it will give raiders more time to raid, and remove the often disheartening struggle to regroup after wiping on a boss. It’s tough enough to manage 25 people, and we want guilds to be able to progress through raids without the demoralizing addition of 5-10 minute walk-backs. Now, with the Checkpoint system, guilds will be able to rez, buff up, and try again with a lot less downtime.


We hope you guys enjoy the Checkpoint system!






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