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The Gauntlet Ends

Season 2 Concludes, and New Updates Await!




Season 2 has come to an end, and with it, the closing of our seasonal realm Bloodscalp! We hope you all had an amazing time throughout Season 2: whether you were completing quests on the new Hero’s Call and Warchief’s Command boards, tackling World Events, wrecking PvP, or Protecting the innocent--whether you were embracing the chaos of Wildcard mode, or perfecting your pristine, preferred build, or even starting on Ascension for the first time, we hope Season 2 was an amazing experience for you.


Here are the features we implemented from Season 2 to our Legacy Realms!


  • The Hero’s Call and Warchief’s Command Boards are live on Legacy Realms

  • World Events have found their home on both Laughing Skull and Andorhal

  • The Karma System will be coming to Laughing Skull

  • All characters from Bloodscalp will be moving to both Legacy Realms


With the closing of Bloodscalp, characters on the realm will be transferring to BOTH Laughing Skull and Andorhal!


Rest assured, heroes, that your adventure isn’t over. Bloodscalp might be closing, but your characters will be whisked away safely to their new homes on our Legacy Realms, Laughing Skull and Andorhal. For those of you looking to continue your High Risk adventures, Laughing Skull is the place to go for epic world PvP, FFA PvP, non-soulbound items, the Outlaw and Protector system, and loot drop on death.


However, if you’re looking to leave the high (risk) life behind, or you just got some sweet gear and don’t want to lose it, you can continue your quest for power on Andorhal with all of Ascension’s classless features, without the loot drop on death.


All of that said, however, the truth is you won’t have to make a choice on which realm to go to--since characters are transferring to both legacy realms, you’ll be able to try each out to find which one is right for you!


Character transfers will be happening on [DATE]. You WILL need to manually transfer your character by logging into the Ascension Website, navigating to the store, and selecting LEGACY TRANSFER (which will cost 0DP).


Before that happens, there are a few things left you need to do!


  1. Make sure you have empty character slots on both Laughing Skull and Andorhal, so that your character is transferred properly. Don’t lose your character just because you needed that 10th Bank Alt!

  2. Spend your Seasonal Points! Seasonal points don’t roll over to next season, and there’s no benefit to saving them. Make sure to spend them all on the stuff you want!

  3. Players intending to play on Andorhal should note that any traditionally soulbound items you have will become soulbound upon transferring.

  4. Guilds and Guild Banks will NOT transfer over to the Legacy Realms, so make sure you make plans with your friends to meet back up on the other side!

  5. Personal banks DO transfer to legacy realms.

  6. MAIL will be subject to arcane nether magic, and may not make it to Legacy Realms. It’s probably wise to empty your mailbox.


Finally, don’t hang up your cloaks just yet: Season 2 may be ending, but we have a slew of new updates coming very soon. In fact, the merge will kick off some major updates to Ascension, so once you hit your new home, get ready to explore some brand new changes!


If you have any questions, please feel free to hit up our GM’s on Discord. Otherwise, we’ll see you on our Legacy Realms, heroes!









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