Blood for the Blood God!


The Blood God Rises

Zul’Gurub Releases on Bloodscalp




Ancient drums echo in the heart of Stranglethorn Vale. The Gurubashi trolls seek to resurrect a fallen God. From the ruined city of Zul’gurub, a sinister force awakens--it falls to you, heroes,  to stop it.


Zul’gurub opens on Bloodscalp at 18:00 server time!


Enter the once proud capital of the Gurubashi Empire as you gather new gear, overcome obstacles, and take down bosses in Bloodscalp’s first raid! Zul’gurub will release with both a 10 and 25 man, so gather up your friends and get ready to be welcome’d to the jungle.


Additionally, we’ve updated and rewritten Zul’Gurub with this release, so veterans and newcomers alike can expect a more fluid experience than ever before


Zul’Gurub will open on Bloodscalp at 18:00 server time. Additionally, with this release, Zul’Gurub gear will become available as drops in the open world on Bloodscalp. We will also be introducing the first set of Legacy PvP Gear!


Get ready, heroes, and we’ll see you in Stranglethorn!








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