Snatch Up NEW PvP Gear!


Marshal Yourselves for Battle!
New Marshal and Field Marshal Epic PvP Gear Released!




As raiders delve deeper into Ahn’Qiraj, collecting ancient treasures and reaching new heights of power, we want to make sure our PvP-focused players aren’t left behind. We know some of you care only for the thrill of the fight, testing your skills and builds against other players in Battlegrounds or in the open world: that’s why we’re happy to announce the next level of PvP gear--the Mashal and Field Marshal epic gear sets.


The Marshal and Field Marshal epic PvP sets are now available from vendors in the Champion’s Hall and the Hall of Legends. Available for purchase with honor, players who live for Call to Arms weekends and Battlegrounds now have a way to keep pace with Raiders as they strive for better and better gear. Keep in mind, too, that you can mix and match gear from different sets, allowing you to access multiple set bonuses. Or, if you prefer, collect one complete set for the final 6 piece set bonus.


Good luck on the battlefield, heroes!






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