New Challenges Await in Molten Core!


Achieve Greater Feats!

The Glory of the Molten Core Raider Achievement is Live




We know competition is fierce on Ascension: from World PvP to Battlegrounds, from Realm Firsts to raid clears, the thought of climbing higher than your peers is exciting. With Ahn’qiraj around the corner, there’ll be plenty of guild competition to see who can overcome bosses, and their custom mechanics, the quickest. However, we also wanted to introduce a little something extra in the meantime for the players who just really like to tackle challenges.


Introducing the Glory of the Molten Core Raider Achievements!


Looks Fancy


Thanks to one of our newest developers, we’ve got a brand new set of unique, custom achievements reminiscent of "Glory of the Ulduar Raider"! These achievements were crafted entirely from the ground up, designed to give raiders a bit of optional, extra fun and challenge should they desire it.


Some of these Look Tough...


Of course, it’s not just for the sake of proving how great you are that makes these worth completing. Satisfy all the requirements of “Glory of the Molten Core Raider”, and you’ll receive a mount worthy of your commitment!


Look at my Horse, my Horse is Amazin’

We hope you’re excited to try out these new challenges, heroes! Our goal with them is to give you a bit of extra fun, and a few more things to do, as we creep closer to bigger updates. We hope you have a blast with them, and if you do, we’d love to give the same treatment to Blackwing Lair, Zul’Gurub, and other classic dungeons and raids; with fitting rewards, of course.


Good luck completing these new achievements, heroes!






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