Jump Pads Have Arrived on Ravenholdt!


It’s not a Bus, but It’ll Do

Jump Pads have Arrived on Ravenholdt




Getting to world PvP zones is tough; you have to walk to the flight master, open the map, and click once on your destination. Then you have to wait a whole five minutes to get there; it’s really just too much. If only there were some sort of pad, we thought, scratching our collective developer heads, that players could step on to be beamed up by a zeppelin and air dropped into the PvP zone of their choice.


Then we made a pad that allowed players to be beamed up by a zeppelin and air dropped into the PvP zone of their choice. Introducing Jump Pads!


Ready for Pickup


Jump pads are a brand new feature exclusive (at the moment) to our Seasonal Realm, Ravenholdt. A whole new way to travel, jump pads allow you to instantly be air dropped to one of several PvP zones.

Of Course, It’s Up to You to Figure Out Where You’re Going


Once you press a button, you’ll be zapped up and air dropped into the zone you chose. With a mobile parachute and control of your character, you can steer your way to anywhere you want.


Drop into PvP with Style


Our goal with jump pads is to implement quicker, less tedious travel for all heroes--especially outlaws. Now, for a cheap fair, you can jump right into your preferred PvP zone and start fighting. We hope you PvPers will be able to use jump pads to do more of what you love.


You can find Jump Pads in both Booty Bay and Ratchet.


Take it easy out there, heroes!


Note that zeppelins, like busses, have a schedule: they’ll only pick you up once every 30 minutes.






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