August Balance Pack and Season 1!


A Fairly August Balance Patch

August Means Impressive




Season 1 begins in less than an hour, and with it comes another balance patch! Though not quite as large as our July balance pack, the August balance pack has still got around 50 changes to the abilities you love. Some of these changes are general tweaks to things we thought were getting a little out of hand (we’re looking at you, % Damage Reduction), while others were made with the upcoming level cap system in mind to make sure plenty of builds were viable as you compete on Ravenholdt. You can view the full list on our changelog, but below we’ve included a few that should really whet your appetite.


Good luck on the seasonal, Heroes--whether you’re Defender of the Pure, or a salty dog Outlaw!


    Fixed a bug where Hunter pets and Warlock demons wouldn’t gain hit and expertise based on their owner’s hit.


    Wands now deal damage according to their school, and scale slightly with spell power (Bring back Wand Specialization!)


    Soul Link now shares 6% of your damage taken with your demon, down from 10%, and the Demonic Embrace talent now increases the shared Soul Link damage by 2/4/6%, down from 4/7/10%.


    Improved Shadowform now gives 3/6% damage reduction, down from 5/10%.


    Travel Form base mana increased from 26%, up from 13%.


    Improved Eviscerate increases Eviscerate damage again, instead of Eviscerate critical strike chance.


    Charge is now usable in combat. (Still requires Battle Stance.)


    Fixed a bug where Drain Soul would be able to do damage through immunities like Divine Shield and Ice Block.


    Fingers of Frost now has a chance to proc whenever you deal Frost damage. (For example on Frost Shock and Frostbrand.)

    Ice Block and Divine Shield now share a 30 second cooldown.







Check out the overview of our seasonal realm with the Ascension Seasonal Overview!








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