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Lending a Helping Hand

The ‘Helper’ Rank is being Added to our Public Discord




There are those among you who would seek to aid the naive, the innocent, the fledgling--the new player. There are those of you who would dedicate your time and energy to assisting fresh adventurers find their place on Ascension. Whether by answering questions, helping with specs, or just lending friendly advice, certain veterans go above and beyond when it comes to helping new players on our server.


We notice time and again certain individuals who continually and consistently help new players on Ascension’s official discord. These players reach out to lend a helping hand when they see someone in need, and we see it every single day. As gamers ourselves, we recognize what an incredibly important gesture that is; community is everything in a game like ours, and when a new player’s first experience with others is a powerful veteran caring enough about them to help--well, that speaks volumes. With toxicity the norm online these days, and with negative and hostile interactions becoming a standard part of multiplayer games, getting a happy “Hello!” and a bit of help can COMPLETELY shift a new player’s opinion of the game they’re playing. We mean it, and we can’t stress it enough: the positivity that these helpful individuals on our Discord lend the community is one of the greatest gifts that players could contribute to Ascension--it’s one of the greatest gifts they could contribute to gaming.


We would like, in some small way, to acknowledge and promote their actions.


We are adding a new Rank to our public discord: the ‘Helper’ rank.


This is not a rank players can ask to be promoted to. Rather, it is a rank that our Game Masters and Community Managers will promote players to if they demonstrate a true devotion to helping others. If our GM’s and CM’s notice players consistently engaging in positive and helpful interactions on Discord, they’ll be promoted to the Helper rank as both an acknowledgement of their actions, and as a way to better help them accomplish what they’re already doing. This is our way of Knighting you, helpful players, and showing just how important your kindness is.


By granting players the Helper rank, new players will instantly know where to go if they are ever in need of advice or assistance. No matter where you are on our quest through Ascension, Helpers have got your back.


Thank you, heroes, for being a positive light on Ascension.






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