Mystic Extract Overhaul


Free to Experiment, Free to Extract

Players Gain Mystic Extracts Faster, and with Less Runes.



Gathering Mystic Enchantments is one of the most effective ways to skyrocket your build’s power. Few things on Ascension feel better than finally extracting and applying the enchantment you’ve been searching for.

However, few things feel worse than harvesting several Mystic Enchantments, applying them, and finding out that the build you were working towards isn’t super effective. With Mystic Extracts difficult to come by, knowing that one was wasted on a spec that isn’t going to be played can be absolutely heartbreaking. We recognized this, and we made a change.


We’ve re-assessed the rate at which players acquire [Mystic Extracts]. The cost has been lowered by more than 50%, and there will no longer be such a harsh scaling.


Basically, we’ve lowered the EXP required to get to the next level of Mystic Enchanting by half, and reduced the scaling difficulty between levels--meaning it will require less [Mystic Runes] to get to the next level of enchanting.

The TL;DR version is that it’s now easier than ever to get [Mystic Extracts].


We realized that with the old system, players were being punished for trying new specs and experimenting with Mystic Enchantment extractions. With Mystic Extracts being so rare, players were hesitant to spend them on anything other than exactly what they were looking for. We hope with this new scaling system, players won’t feel shoehorned into only spending extracts on meta enchantments, and will be free to play and experiment with any build they’d like to try.


We hope you really get creative out there, Heroes!






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