Generate, Share, and Conquor Builds!


Generate your Spec Instantly

Sharing your Build has Never Been so Easy!




We’re rolling out a quality of life change for any of you who’ve ever wanted an easy way to share and trade your build. Introducing the in-game Build Generator!


Generate your Build Instantly!


The Build Generator is the first step in a series of updates aimed at increasing player accessibility to different staff and player-made specs. See the Load and Generate buttons? By clicking on Generate, you’ll be able to instantly create a link to your current active build.


Sharing is as Easy as Copy and Paste!


Once Generated, the Build Generator will provide a link to your exact spec, down to the last talent. By copy+pasting this link, any other player will have instant access to your precious build, and can load it instantly with the Load Build button.


Your Spec, down to the Last Detail


Once loaded, the Build Generator will display all of the spells and talents possessed by the specific link. By clicking on Activate, players can instantly learn the spec, provided they have the appropriate number of Ability and Talent essences.


Additionally, you’ll be able to edit the build straight from this window: by clicking on an individual spell or talent, you’ll be able to remove it if it’s something you don’t want to give out. Doing so will instantly affect the link at the bottom! Diving into new specs has never been easier!


We hope you enjoy the simplicity and convenience of the Build Generator, heroes!





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