The War Effort Begins on Ascension!


The War Begins

The Ahn’Qiraj War Effort Releases with a Slew of Updates!



The time has come to support the war! Gather your materials, fuel the effort, and destroy the silithid! The Ahn’qiraj War Effort begins now!


But that’s not all; we’ve got a few surprises in store for you. We’re releasing a veritable barrage of updates: fixing issues, balancing abilities, making items great again (we fixed your Ogre Pinata Bubblegum, heroes), giving Andorhal players some baseline resilience, and much, much more. We’ve got a short list for you here, but check out the changelog for the full list of updates.

Get ready for war, heroes! The deserts of Silithus await.


Note: Heroes! We’ve put a lot of love into the War Effort, and we hope you’re hyped to participate! It’s an ENORMOUS event, and we took a lot of care to try and get it right. That said, Ascension’s War Effort is so huge that there’s no way we’re getting through it without a few bugs popping up (get it? Because it’s AQ?). Please know that we’ll be keeping a close eye on the event to make sure we squish any stray bugs as quickly as possible. If you find any before we do, let our GM’s know, and post them to the bug-tracker!


Below is a truncated list of our changes. Check out the Changelog for the full list!


  1. The Dungeon Set 2 quest line is released!

  2. Fixed a ton of items

  3. Removed Resilience from PvP gear

  4. PvP gear on Andorhal now has 20% more Stamina

  5. Added baseline resilience to players, based on equipped items, which scales slightly with item level--this was already active on Laughing Skull, and will now be included on Andorhal

  6. Fixed the “channeled’ issue, where players were unable to cast multiple channeled spells on a single target

  7. Increased the base health of players on Andorhal to match that of Laughing Skull

  8. Tweaked a number of Random Enchantments--see the full Changelog

  9. Tweaked a number of Talents and Abilities--see the full Changelog

  10. Fixed a number of issues in dungeons and raids, including adjusting creature AI and formations, and little things that were annoying (Priestess Arlokk remaining invisible if she died while stealthed, etc).

  11. Fixed and re-scripted an incredible number of quests

  12. Fixed and re-scripted a number of creatures, improving them and eliminating issues

  13. Buffed the drops on elite Silithids in the various hives throughout Silithus

  14. Made Setis a bit more of a challenge. Good luck with him!






Check out just what we've been up to with our latest State of Ascension!







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