Prepare for War


The Invasion is Here

Fuel the War, and Claim the Rewards!




The swarm descends.


The silithid burst up from beneath the sands, skittering throughout every corner of Azeroth. Drawn to the call of resonating crystals, they spread from Stranglethorn to the Plaguelands, from Silithus to Winterspring. Across the Eastern Kingdoms, across all of Kalimdor, no place is safe from the swarm. From the obsidian temple of Ahn’qiraj, the Qiraji will rise again.


Unless you eradicate the hive.


The time has come to prepare for war. Materials need gathering, supplies need crafting; an entire army must be raised to purge this infestation. Now is the time to fight--not for your faction, but for the survival of your world. The War Effort needs you, hero; all of Azeroth needs you.


The Ahn’qiraj War Effort launches June 1st!


Brace yourselves, heroes: the War Effort is about to begin! Prepare for a slew of challenges and opportunities for greatness as you tackle the silithid and claim the rewards. Tear down their crystals, turn in resources for treasure, and team up with your guild to earn a place on our leaderboards.


Invasion Locations:

The silithid swarm throughout all of Azeroth, drawn to Quiraji resonating stones. Seek out these stones and eradicate them, then claim exclusive rewards.


  • Elite Silithid Mobs

  • Can spawn in potentially any zone in Azeroth

  • The same level as other mobs in that Zone

  • Dynamic scaling, increasing in difficulty depending on the number of players participating--group play isn’t trivialized

  • Several waves of monsters, increasing in difficulty, ending with a Boss

  • Contribution Tracking--receive rewards based on your contribution to that particular crystal.

  • Chance at exclusive rewards


War Effort:

    The armies of Azeroth require supplies! They march, even now, towards the Gates of Ahn’qiraj. Gather materials and fuel the War Effort, earn MASSIVE rewards, advance your character, and reach new heights of power through gear and Mystic items!


  • War Effort Quests grant Supply Crates

  • Each crate has a chance to contain:

    • Green Items

    • World Blue Drops

    • World Epic Drops

    • Dungeon Blue Drops (Laughing Skull Exclusive)

    • Raid Epic Drops (Laughing Skull Exclusive)

    • Potions

    • Commendation Tokens

    • Mystic Rune Fragments

    • Mystic Orb Fragments

    • One-Time, Exclusive Collectables

  • War Effort is non-faction based--the Horde and Alliance both contribute to a single cause

  • Custom War Effort Required Materials

    • Hardened Carpaces

    • Abyssal Elements

    • Qiraji Insignias


Wind Stone Bosses:

    The Twilight’s Hammer clan gathers strength in Silithus, attempting to call forth powerful creatures from the elemental planes. They must be stopped, and the creatures they seek to summon destroyed. Slay Twilight Cultists, don their robes, and dismantle their operations.

  • Custom Wind Stone Boss Mechanics--new mechanics offer new challenges

  • Offer additional rewards when slain

  • Increased chance at Dungeon Blues (Laughing Skull Exclusive)

  • Increased chance at Raid Epics (Laughing Skull Exclusive)


Commendation Tokens

Exchange tokens for incredible rewards!

    • Supply Crates--more chances at rare and epic gear

    • Colored Qiraji Battle Tank

      • Usable outside of Ahn’qiraj

    • Exclusive Cosmetic Items, toys, and pets





  • Completing the War Effort will unlock the ability to become the Scarab Lord, and open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj.


  • Certain rewards obtainable during the War Effort will never be obtainable again


  • Guild Leaderboards will offer guild exclusive rewards for the guilds that contribute the most.


Arm yourselves, heroes. The deserts of Silithus await.


The War Effort begins on June 1st


Note: Heroes! We’ve put a lot of love into the War Effort to really get you hyped to participate! It’s an ENORMOUS event, and we took a lot of care to try and get it right. That said, the War Effort is so huge that there’s no way we’re getting through it without a few bugs popping up (get it? Because it’s AQ?). Please know that we’ll be keeping a close eye on the event to make sure we squish any stray bugs as quickly as possible. If you find any before we do, let our GM’s know, and post them to the bug-tracker!





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