Gathering Herbs for the Harvest (And Ore, too!)


Herb and Ore Node Overhaul

We Fixed it!




Ore and Herb nodes have been messy for a long time. We searched high and low for a solution to their awkward spawning, but for a long while, all of the numbers showed that they were functioning fine. This was quite a pickle for us, because you guys told us they were most certainly NOT fine.


Then we found out they were spawning underground, and inside mountains, and in the air. Whoops.


We’re thrilled to announce that we have fixed Ore and Herb nodes on Project Ascension, returning them to their original, happy, vanilla-esque state. We fixed their timers, too, and now you should be finding all of your mining and herbalism nodes spread out in the world just like the Titans intended.


However, we had to use a bit of arcane magic to get things working properly. As a side effect of tampering with the leylines, all ore and herb nodes have a chance to drop [Mystic Orb Fragments] when harvested, giving gathering professions another way to farm up those Mystic Orbs!


We’re sorry this one took so long, heroes, but we’re glad to announce it, and hope that you’re excited to get gathering!


Good luck with your mining and herbalism!





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