Shadowsong Heroes have Transferred to Legacy!


Realms Combined!

Shadowsong Merged into both Andorhal and Laughing Skull




New adventures await you! As Season 3 ends and Shadowsong begins a long slumber, heroes are whisking through the aether to their brand new homes on Andorhal and Laughing Skull both! The Doors of Adventure now open on all sides: will you begin a new life on Season 4’s Draft Mode, or will you continue your journey on our Legacy realms? Will you dive into the dangers of Laughing Skull’s High Risk, or enjoy a well deserved rest on Andorhal’s No Risk? Will you charge into battlegrounds, set out into the world? Or perhaps you’ll step brazenly into the terrors of Ahn’Qiraj and Naxxramas? Adventure beckons!


Shadowsong characters have merged into both Legacy Realms!


Players can now find their Wildcard Heroes comfortably resting on their new home realms: Andorhal and Laughing Skull. All Season 3 characters have been transferred to both legacy realms, meaning you’ll be able to try each with your favorite hero, switching between them at your leisure. New challenges await you on Legacy, including the terrors of the Old God C’thun in Ahn’qiraj, and the currently-releasing nightmares of Naxxramas. Be sure to re-assemble your guilds from Season 3 to tackle the final, and greatest, of Vanilla’s raids: it will be a struggle your team won’t forget.






Now that Heroes have been transferred to Legacy Realms, the restriction of Wildcard has been lifted. All level 60s on Andorhal and Laughing Skull will find they are now able to learn, unlearn, pick, and choose any ability, talent, and spell they desire, forging their hero exactly as they wish. Should you find your Wildcard has not been removed, simply use the Weighted Dice to banish the restriction permanently.


Weighted Dice can be obtained from Edrim Skysong in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.


This guy knows how to play both sides…


    .character commands


Should you find some of your characters missing in the transfer, please remember to make use of .character commands. These commands will allow you to activate and deactivate characters on a realm where you have more than 10 characters, letting them show up on your character list. 


If you have more than 10 characters on a realm, you’ll need to deactivate one before you can activate another. To do this, enter the game on any character other than the one you plan to deactivate and type the following:


    .character list

    .character deactivate [Name]

    .character activate [Name]


Where [Name] is the name of the character.


This will allow players who have over 10 characters on a single realm after the merge to properly switch between active and inactive characters. To display all of your characters on a realm, type the .character list command. Then, simply activate and deactivate at your leisure!


You can find the full article detailing this mechanic here:


Finally, heroes, no matter where your journey takes you, always remember that it’s more fun with friends. Whether you’re re-assembling your Shadowsong Guild to tackle Naxxramus, or seeking new allies to partner with, the more friends you gather, the greater your legend will become. Over 800,000 characters made it through the aether to the Legacy Realms, so expect new faces and fresh blood as you embark on your next adventure.

Good luck on your new homes, heroes!






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Season 4 In-Depth Overview


Pour me a Draft and Clasp me in Irons

Season 4 Revealed!




Season 4 is here, and with it the advent of brand new game modes, updates, changes, and more. We have a TON of features to explain, expand, and extrapolate on, so get comfortable for a long read! We’re here to shed Light on the remaining Shadows: Welcome to the Season 4 in-depth overview!



  1. Draft Mode

    1. The Basics of Draft Mode

    2. Improved Level 1 Drafting

    3. 1AE Abilities Normalized

    4. The Power to Choose

    5. Ace of Talents

    6. Skill Cards

  2. Ironman Mode

    1. Overview of Ironman Mode

    2. Specifics of Ironman Mode

      1. PvP

      2. Ending your Quest

      3. The Death of a Hero

      4. Survivalist Mode

  3. General Features and Improvements

    1. Returning Features
      Crafting Quests

    2. High-Risk Improvements

      1. Badge of the Treasure Hunter

      2. Tier Set Locations

      3. Kill Announcements

      4. Neutral Towns

    3. Rotating Honorable Zones

    4. Ability Logging

    5. Season Rewards for Hitting 60

  4. Season 3 and Wildcard Mode

    1. Shadowsong

    2. Character Transfers to Legacy

Draft Mode


  • Draft Mode Basics: Build your deck by selecting one of 3 random Skill Cards each time you would normally receive an ability.

  • Improved Level 1 Drafting: Players are now more likely to draft pre-requisite abilities like Bear form as their first spell, increasing their odds of getting reliant spells like Swipe purely to facilitiate tanks and healers for leveling and end-game addressing a lack of tanks and healers in S3. You won’t get automatic synergy for windfury.

  • 1AE Abilities Normalized: All heroes will now reach level 60 with the same total number of 1AE abilities.

  • Skill Cards: Obtain Skill Cards at level 60 that guarantee a new character you level will obtain ONE specific spell.

  • The Power to Choose: Players will always reach level 60 with 5AE stored up to spend on talents any way they wish.

  • Acet of Talents: The Ace of Talents will allow players to unlearn all 5AE they spent on talent abilities at level 60 and enable them to rechoose. 


The Basics of Draft Mode


Draft Mode is a brand new playstyle coming in Season 4--unlike Wildcard mode where spells and abilities are obtained at random, Draft Mode allows players to build their own deck by choosing Skill Cards to craft their Hero. Each time you would normally receive an ability, you’ll instead draw 3 Skill Cards--cards that represent a specific spell or ability. These cards are drawn randomly, and you’ll be able to choose ONE of them to add permanently to your deck--gaining that ability. 


Over the course of your adventure you’ll draft an entire Hero, and the abilities you choose along the way will be your weapons to tackle end-game content. Whether dungeons or raids, battlegrounds or high risk, your Draft Hero will act as your avatar as you face off against Azeroth’s challenges.



Improved Level 1 Drafting

Beginning at level one, you’ll draft your Hero’s first four spells and abilities. These are crucial towards shaping the development of your champion, and should be chosen with care. Luckily, we’ve made some adjustments to how the Draft works at level 1 to assist players in becoming the Hero they’d like to be.


By drafting a particular spell as your first spell, the likelihood that the spells that follow will be relevant or similar is higher than it otherwise would be. As an example, if a character were to Draft “Taunt” at level 1, the likelihood that they would see “Defensive Stance” within their following three level 1 abilities would be higher. Similarly, choosing “Bear Form” as your first spell yields a higher chance to see “Swipe”.


This mechanic does not apply in later levels, so rest assured that the random and challenge aspect of Draft Mode has not been done away with. This is mainly for facilitating bare necessities for tanks and healers Players will still need to believe in the heart of the car--the luck of the draw to see their desired abilities manifest.


1AE Abilities Normalized


Heroes can look forward to a little less RNG in a good way with normalized single AE abilities. During Season 4, all heroes will pull the same number of 1AE abilities throughout the leveling process. This ensures that certain Heroes are not rendered useless by a chain of bad luck forcing them to choose multiple single AE abilities. We have also adjusted tracking spells to now only cost 1AE, meaning players will be more likely to draft 1AE spells that fit with their deck.


With the change to how 1AE abilities are drafted, combo finishers have been adjusted to now cost 2AE, so you will have more chances to draw the combo finisher they are looking for.


Skill Cards


Skill Cards are an essential feature of Draft Mode, and one worth understanding. There are two types of skill cards: Skill Cards and Named Skill Cards.


Skill Cards are the cards you pick every time you have enough Ability Essences to do so. These cards are drawn automatically from your deck as you level, and the card you choose is the skill added to your deck. You’ll have many choices to make while you level, so choose wisely.



Named Skill Cards are cards that have fallen from the deck and become items. You can acquire these items throughout Season 4. They represent a single, individual skill, and are account bound. By mailing a Named Skill Card to a level 1 character on your account, that character can slip the card into their deck, guaranteeing that they will draw it at the earliest level you can obtain that spell. A level one character can only ever utilize one Named Skill Card, so choose your trump card carefully.


The Power to Choose


Everyone will reach level cap with 5 Ability Essence stored to spend on Talent Abilities. Whether you decide on a pair of 2AE abilities, or a combination of one 2AE and one 3AE talent ability is up to you.


    The Ace of Talents


Speaking of choosing, the Scroll of Choosing is seeing early retirement, finding a replacement in the Ace of Talents. An upgraded version of the Scroll of Choosing, the Ace of Talents will refund you 5AE at level 60, allowing them to re-pick 2AE and 3AE talents abilities.Unlike the Scroll, the Ace will unlearn any talent ability you may have chosen, whether that’s a 2AE or 3AE skill. Additionally, everyone will hit level 60 with 5AE to spare, meaning they can spend their Essences on any talent ability they wish to put the final touches on their Deck.  




Ironman Mode



  • Ironman Mode is a solo perma-death challenge.

  • No access to trading, grouping, mail, auction house, ect. You are on your own.

  • High-Risk Ironman: Only other Ironmen can engage you in 1v1 combat.

  • Low-Risk Ironman: You are safe from PvP from all other players.

  • The Death of a Hero: You can convert a dead Ironman character to a non-Ironman character with a special item earned in-game.

  • Survivalist Mode: is a group perma-death challenge, allowing you to group with other Survivalists.




Making its debut at the start of Season 4 is Ironman Mode: a challenging game mode that pits heroes against the environment. At a glance, this playstyle will disable all amenities that players are used to, such as mail, groups, the auction house, EXP potions, Recruit a Friend, Donation Items, Collections, etc, forcing players to risk life and limb as they struggle to achieve level 60 on their own. Additionally, those who attempt to climb this mountain must do so with a single life: Ironmen, if slain, are dead.


Here’s the rundown:


Players can elect to become Ironmen at level 1 by speaking to a ‘friendly’ fellow eyeing you in the starting zone. Should you decide to accept his challenge, you’ll be locked into Iron Mode, forfeiting the aforementioned amenities, and accepting a life of solitude. 



From there, the challenge is on. You have one life to live, and if you die, its over. Your mission is to make it to 60 alive while competing on the Leaderboards available on the Ascension Website. If you succeed, you’ll receive rewards. If you fail, all that awaits you is cold, permanent death.


Player Versus Player


Players brave enough to tackle Ironman mode on High-Risk will be able to kill, and be killed, only by other Ironmen. That means a non-Ironman player would not be able to engage and kill an Ironman player. Staying in theme with the solo challenge, Ironman players will only be able to engage in 1v1 combat with other Ironman players. No need to worry about someone’s friend coming to their rescue in Stranglethorn Vale, but neither can anyone come to your rescue.


Ironman Players in Low-Risk will be safe from PvP. If you want to take on the Ironman challenge without the risk of another player ending your journey early, you can avoid PvP altogether by choosing Low-Risk.


An announcement will ring out on occasion heralding the leading Ironman.



Any Ironman over level 20 who meets their end will have their death mourned in World Chat. Or celebrated--World Chat is funny like that.


Finally, if you do die as an Ironman, your fate is sealed. Fallen Ironmen become a permanent ghost, forced to wander the world as a spectre with only other lost Ironmen to mourn you.


There is one way to return to life: though only partially. Accumulate enough Resurrection Stones along your journey, and you can use them to resurrect your Hero into a Non-Ironman character. Your character will live, but their Ironman challenge is forever ended, and you lose any chance at the rewards for completing it. 



Thus is the way of the Ironman.


At level 60, the path opens for you. Ironmen who successfully complete the challenge can opt to exit the mode, keeping their hero, casting down the mantle, and becoming a Non-Ironman. Doing so allows you to keep the rewards you receive, and is an excellent way to end your Iron Journey.


However, Heroes who are skilled enough may choose to keep Ironman at 60, activating both High Risk and PvP, and allowing them to continue their single-life mission. Only the truly brave, or truly mad, will elect to keep Ironman active at 60--and time will tell if their decision was one of courage, or folly.


As a final note, look forward to a Survivalist mode coming as well, which will allow Ironment to team up with others in their mode to tackle dungeons and raids--risking permanent death for a chance at the spoils of war. Don’t pull the boss too early.


Rewards await Ironmen who reach 60. At minimum, a metallic mount monumenting your mastery a Title are on the Horizon.


General Features and Improvements


  • Returning Systems: Outlaw System, Hybrid Risk, Cross-Faction, Non-Soulbound Items

  • 350+ Crafting Quests have been added to the Callboard rotation.

  • High-Risk Improvements

    • Players can now see what type of loot they are able to find in the world through the Treasure Hunter Buff.

    • Certain locations will now have a higher chance to drop specific tier items.

    • Kill Announcements will now be broadcast zone wide to let players know exactly where the action is.

    • All players, including outlaws, will be de-flagged when entering a neutral town.

    • Crow’s Cache Overhaul in development

  • 1v1 Honorable Combat Zones will now rotate.

  • Season Rewards for Hitting 60

Returning Features


The Outlaw System and the Hybrid-Risk system will both be making a return in Season 4, allowing players to snag gear out in the open world in High Risk, or preserve the riches they’ve acquired in No Risk. Players who express Criminal Intent will find themselves branded an Outlaw, exiled from their capital cities and banished to Booty Bay. Meanwhile, players who defend the innocent will gain reputation with The Law, and be lauded as Protectors--marking them safe and trustworthy in an otherwise unforgiving world..


Additionally, Cross-Faction will be making a return in Season 4, as well as Non-Soulbound Items. Cross-Faction applies to parties, dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, and of course the Auction House. 


    Crafting Quests


Many an adventurer would cheer to put down their sword and pick up a hammer--rest their weary legs and sew a stately robe instead. Heroes are a complex lot, yearning for more than just rampant slaughter--although they like that a lot. But where’s the reward in being an excellent cook, or crafting the finest dagger in the land?

Why, it’s right on the Call Board!

Over 350 new Crafting Quests have been added to the Hero’s Call and Warchief’s Command quests, allowing heroes who prefer letting their profession do the talking to aid themselves and others with their mastery of the craft! Rewards await you, so now more than ever, we hope people finally appreciate your cooking!


High Risk World Improvements:


New improvements to High-Risk await you in Season 4, heroes. Four new additions ensure that your quest into the dangers of the open world won’t be in vain.

First, the badge of the Treasure Hunter: this handy little icon will let you see exactly what kind of loot you can expect to find off of monsters you slay in the open world. No more guessing or stressing over what you might find. The Treasure Hunter icon will show you exactly what you want to know.

With the Treasure Hunter icon, players need no longer stress over whether or not it’s worth venturing into High Risk. You’ll know exactly the type of loot you can expect to find, and can gauge for yourself whether or not the reward might be worth the risk. If you decide it is, you might be interested in our new Tier Areas.


Tier Areas are locations out in the world where tier gear is more likely to drop. If you hunt there, expect to see pieces of your favorite sets more often than other pieces of gear. Good luck treasure hunting!


Thirdly: Kill Announcements: These handy-dandy notifications are just what you need to avoid or confront danger, make a name for yourself, and let the world know where you are.


Kill Announcements are notifications that ring out if a player is murdered. If a Hero is slain in the open world, the entire Zone receives an announcement stating the name of the murderer, and where the crime took place. In this way, you can spot danger from a mile away, and choose to confront it, run from it, or prepare for it. Those who commit murder are recognized for their crimes, and those seeking to prevent murders know exactly where their help is needed. Get ready for the game of cat and mouse!


Lastly: We saw a lot of people engaging in PvP in neutral cities on Season Three, and we want to create World PvP, not Town PvP. Heroes, even Outlaws, need a place to recover and restock before getting back into the fight. Players will now be deflagged for PvP upon entering a neutral city even if they are an outlaw. If you do find yourself wanting some urban combat, you can always flag yourself.


Season 3 and Wildcard Mode


With the launch of Season 4, Shadowsong will remain active as a home for Wildcard players. As Season 4 begins, single character transfers will also open on Shadowsong for players who want their Wildcard Heroes moved to the Legacy Realms. Once on our Legacy Realms, the restrictions of Wildcard vanish, allowing players to experience the full breadth of character creation that is Ascension’s classic Classless system. Choose any ability, master any talent, and forge your unique Hero.


However, for those of you who prefer Wildcard Mode, Shadowsong will remain open for the time being as Wildcard-only, allowing you to continue your adventure.


And that, heroes, concludes the overview of Season 4. We hope you’re ready for the start of an amazing season. Season 4 begins Friday, July 26th, at 18:00 server time. We’ll see you at the starting line.






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Upcoming Thursday Merge


Two Become One

Elune is Merging into Shadowsong




As Season 3 nears its twilight (more info on that coming soon), it’s golden years should be some of its best. Wildcard has been Ascension’s most amazing season ever, and we want to make sure players are together to enjoy it until the very end:

Elune is merging into Shadowsong this Thursday!


This Thursday, July 18th, we’ll be doing a full automatic merge between Elune and Shadowsong. This time around, Elune will be the one merging into Shadowsong due to its smaller population--plus we don’t want to put the poor Whisperwindians through the Arcane Funnels again. Players on Shadowsong will have name priority, and after the transfer is finished, the two realms will be one (or three, technically)!


This time around there will be no optional or individual transfers--this will be a full, automatic merge. As such, it should be a seamless endeavor, ending with all players happily moved to their new home. This merge will require a maintenance window that will last for a few hours, so be prepared for some down-time.


As the merge occurs, don’t forget about the .char commands if you end up having more than 10 characters on a single realm: either delete spares to have only 10, or else read our article on using .Character Commands to brush up on how to manage more characters than the UI can show you:

You can find that article here:


We hope you enjoy all of Wildcard on one place for its final hoorah, heroes! We’ll have more info for you regarding the future real soon.

Enjoy the rest of Season 3!






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The Scourge Citadel Opens



The End of an Era

Naxxramas is Here



The cold halls of Naxxramas have finally arrived. The chill of death seeps out over the plaguelands. Kel’thuzad’s arrival marks a turning point for Ascension: the Vanilla era nears its end. 


Naxxramas opens THIS MONTH on Ascension!


The dreaded necropolis Naxxramas is just about ready to open its ghoulish doors. Deep within these halls, the horrors of the Scourge await any adventurers brave enough to delve into its depths, trading a harrowing time and near-certain death for some of the greatest treasure imaginable.


Naxxramas will be following a similar release schedule to Ahn’Qiraj--every two weeks, a new wicked wing will be released for you to explore. 


Below is the release schedule for each of Naxxramas’ wings:


  1. The Arachnid Quarter

    1. Anub'Rekhan
    2. Grand Widow Faerlina
    3. Maexxna
  2. The Plague Quarter

    1. Noth the Plaguebringer
    2. Heigan the Unclean
    3. Loatheb
  3. The Military Quarter

    1. Instructor Razuvious
    2. Gothik the Harvester
    3. The Four Hoursemen
  4. The Construct Quarter

    1. Patchwerk
    2. Grobbulus
    3. Gloth
    4. Thaddius
  5. Frostwyrm's Lair

    1. Saphiron
    2. Kel'thuzad


Naxxramas will first release on our Legacy Realms, Andorhal and Laughing Skull! Expect a few new surprise mechanics on bosses you encounter. Be careful entering a fight for the first time.

Good luck, heroes--and may the light be with you where the shadows are greatest.


Naxxramas will release on July 27th at 18:00 server time.


For those of you interested in Ascension’s Naxx Set Bonuses, we have an article on our forums detailing just what you can expect:






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Bathe in Dark Fire!


Dare to Fare the Lair

Blackwing Lair Releases NEXT WEEKEND on Season 3!




With Ragnaros’ defeat in the Molten Core, you and your allies must raise your sights from the depths of Blackrock Mountain to the threat that awaits at its heights: Blackwing Lair opens soon on Season 3! 


Nefarian, prince of the Black Dragonflight and son of Deathwing, concocts twisted experiments with the blood of other dragons, attempting to combine them into a single, unstoppable Chromatic Dragonflight. You must put a stop to his plans, lest the mortal races of the world soon call Victor Nefarius ‘Master’.


Blackwing Lair releases Saturday, July 6th on Ascension’s Season 3 Realms!


Get ready to dive into the Lair as full Wildcard heroes as you challenge the creatures of Blackwing Lair. The raid releases at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, July 6th. Additionally, with its release, Blackwing Lair items will be available in High Risk in the open world!


Gather your allies, heroes, and get ready to step into Blackwing Lair!


Blackwing Lair releases at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, July 6th.

Guilds attempting to earn the honor of Realm Firsts MUST provide VIDEO FOOTAGE of the bosses they slay! Keep those cameras rolling!





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Missing a Character? Read This!


Character Select Powers, Activate!

Players can now Activate and Deactivate Characters




With the recent merge between Whisperwind and Shadowsong, it’s become apparent that you all really like making new characters. Many, many, many of you had characters seemingly disappear in the transfer, only to find that they were actually unable to show up on the character selection page. Here’s the solution:


Players now have access to .character commands that will allow them to activate or deactivate their characters!


What the heck does that mean?


The maximum number of characters that the client is capable of displaying on a single realm is 10. Basically, when you log in and go to choose your character, the game actually can’t show you more than 10 characters. However, with the recent transfers, players could potentially have up to 20 characters on Shadowsong. Because the game is unable to display that many, it deactivates the character, rendering it invisible and unable to be selected.

With these new commands, players will be able to activate their character, causing it to show up on the selection screen, and allowing them to log into the game with it. Although therewill still be a max of 10 characters displayed at a time, these commands will help you deactivate characters you don’t need at the moment, and activate the toons you want to play. Here’s how it works:


If you have more than 10 characters on a realm, you’ll need to deactivate onebefore you can activate another. To do this, enter the game on any character other than the one you plan to deactivate. Type the following:


    .character list

    .character deactivate [Name]

    .character activate [Name]


Where [Name] is the name of the character.


This will allow players who have over 10 characters on a single realm (due to server merges) to properly switch between active and inactive characters. To display all of your characters on a realm, type the .character list command. Then, simply activate and deactivate at your leisure.


Good luck out there, heroes!






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Whispers of Transfers on the Wind


Come Together, Right Now!

Transfers from Whisperwind to Shadowsong are Live!




Season 3 storms on, and with it, players all across Azeroth are tackling the challenges of Wildcard mode! As the season continues, we’ve been working on a brand new transfer system that makes switching characters between realms easier than ever before. In order to give it a proper debut, we thought we’d give it a whirl:


Character transfers from Whisperwind to Shadowsong are now open!


Starting today, opt-in transfers from Whisperwind to Shadowsong will be available for any player who would like to change realms. With it comes the prospect of more players in one place, meaning more PvP, more Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, World Encounters--more of the gameplay you love. The goal of the transfer will be to eventually fully merge both realms, essentially doubling the population of each, and bringing the Ascension community that much closer together.


For the super fun technical side of things, keep these in mind before you transfer:


  1. Your personal bank WILL transfer with your character

  2. Mail DOES transfer, HOWEVER we highly recommend minimizing the amount of mail you have: if it gets lost in the aether, not even the strongest arcane magic can retrieve it

  3. Guilds DO NOT transfer--Guild Masters of Whisperwind will be mailed items to unlock the amount of guild tabs they had purchased. All guild gold will go to the Guildmaster

  4. Guild Banks DO NOT transfer--please remove all items from your Guild Bank before transferring

  5. If your name is taken on Shadowsong, you will need to rename your character

  6. Auctions DO NOT transfer: Cancel your actions!

  7. Collections WILL transfer

  8. Recruit a Friend WILL transfer


For the time being, transferring to Shadowsong will remain completely optional. If you’d like to transfer, you can find an NPC in-game who can send you over in Stormwind Orgrimmar, and Booty Bay--just look for the pack mules or pack kodos! While Whisperwind WILL end up fully merging with Shadowsong in the future, it’s only fair that everyone has enough time to get things in order with their guilds, friends, etc. in order to reconvene on Shadowsong. Don’t forget to make arrangements with your friends to meet up with them on Shadowsong!


This merge is the first step towards helping bring Ascension’s community together in one place. We hope you’re ready to meet new friends on Shadowsong!






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Refer, Claim, Conquer!



Please Refer to the Article

The Ascension Referral System is Live!




Are you a master of persuasion? Owner of a silver tongue? Have you guided your friends towards Ascension’s warm embrace like a shepard leading their flock? Well now you can get rewarded for it!


Introducing Ascension’s new Referral System


Every day, thousands of players enjoy Ascension with their friends--players who went out of their way to let their friends know about the game, and come together for a communal experience. Playing together is part of what makes an MMO great, and for making that community possible, some rewards are in order for players who go the extra mile.


Here’s how the system works:


Each and every account has their own custom referral code. To access it, log into the Ascension Website, go to your user interface, and hit “Referrals”. There, you’ll see both your unique registration code AND a list of all the players you’ve recruited.


Here’s the link to your referral panel:


When you give another player your referral code, it will take them to the website to create a new account. Once they create an account using your referral link, they will be linked to your account.


Once that player is linked, they’ll need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Achieve a level 30 character

  2. Play for 6 Hours


Once the player you referred has met those conditions, they’ll be marked on your Referral page as being referred by you, and YOU will net yourself some spicy referral points! These points can be spent at a brand new vendor to net yourself exclusive items, some of which won’t be available anywhere else in the game.


You can see how many points you’ve acquired by looking at the [RP] currency on your User Interface once you’ve logged into the website. Additionally, as soon as they’re implemented in game, you will be able to see them as a currency in your character’s currency tab.


Thanks for helping make Ascension the community it is today, heroes! Good luck out there!


Influencers capable of reaching a large audience through referrals should contact Ascension for additional incentives.







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Choose your Level 60 Talent on Seasonal!


 The Power to Choose

Select Your Level 60 Talent




Season 3 is in full swing, and thousands of players are rolling the dice and managing their Wildcard heroes. Throughout our Season 3 Realms, one of the number one requests players make is to change their level 60 talent: some players made a mistake when hitting 60, selecting something useless--or worse, and ability they can't actually use, and have been looking for a way to fix it. Today, that dream is a reality--introducing the Scroll of Choosing!


The Scroll of Choosing is now available!


The Scroll of Choosing is a brand new item available as a quest from Nozdormu. With it, players will be able to select a new level 60 talent to replace one they already have. To use it, simply click on the NEW level 60 talent you wish to learn, and the scroll will automatically unlearn your CURRENT level 60 talent, and replace it with the one you choose! Keep in mind that the Scroll of Choosing only works for level 60 talents--you won’t be able to unlearn 2AE abilities.


Nozdormu will offer players a one-time quest to obtain two free Scrolls of Choosing, and at current that is the only way to obtain these scrolls. Please learn and unlearn your level 60 talents wisely! Additionally, make sure to clear your cache and install the latest Patch-A from the website in order to see and use the Scroll of Choosing!


How do I use the Scroll of Choosing?


Simply click on the level 60 talent you want to learn while you have a Scroll of Choosing in your currency tab. This will not work for talents that require 2 ability essence, and it will not work if you do not already know a level 60 talent that requires 3 ability essence.


Clicking the talent you want to UNLEARN will not do anything. You must click the new talent you wish to learn.


Why have we Added the Scroll of Choosing?


Players should be aware that the Scroll of Choosing is NOT a tool designed to help them optimize their builds: it's a tool for players who made MISTAKES to more easilly rectify them. There were players, for example, who chose Metamorphosis without ANY Warlock abilities to make use of, hindering them significantly. The Scroll of Choosing is a way for these players to get back into the game, swapping something completley useless for something more meaningful to their build. With the Scroll of Choosing, these players will have a chance to come back from small mistakes.


Finally, players who would rather have Scrolls of Fortune may TRADE their Scrolls of Choosing to Nozdormu, swapping out the Scrolls of Choosing for Scrolls of Fortune.


We hope you're able to fix up any mistakes you've made in your builds with the new Scroll of Choosing, heroes! Get out there, and show the world what you’ve got.






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Can you Beat the Heat?


Dive into the Core

Molten Core Releases THIS WEEKEND on Seasonal!




Once, long ago, the War of the Three Hammers raged between the dwarven clans of the Eastern Kingdoms. Facing imminent defeat, the Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan, leader of the Dark Irons, sought to turn the tide of the war by summoning an ancient and powerful creature. To his folly.


Deep beneath his halls, Thaurissan’s reckless use of magic tore open a portal to the Firelands, incinerating him instantly, and beckoning the creatures that dwelt there. The eruption of flame transformed the mountain, and created the Molten Core.


Ragnaros the Firelord claimed dominion of the Core, subjugating the Dark Iron Dwarves to his will. Now he sleeps beneath the mountain, gathering strength.


It is up to you to stop his fiery reign.   


Molten Core releases soon on Ascension’s Season 3 Realms!


Get ready to dive into the fire as full Wildcard heroes as you challenge the creatures of Molten Core. The raid will release at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, June 8th. Additionally, with its release, Molten Core items will be available in High Risk in the open world!


Gather your allies, heroes, and get ready to step into the Core!


Molten Core releases at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, June 8th.






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