Sargeras is Launching Tomorrow!

Sargeras Release and Information





The time has nearly come for you to take up arms against the other denizens of Sargeras!


This Friday, July 21st at 6:00PM CEST, Sargeras will have its live release! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to log in and begin your adventure, where danger lurks around every corner and your items are at risk of being taken by enemy combatants…

For those who are not fully aware of what Sargeras has to offer, here is some information:


  • Sargeras is a 3x XP realm, with the option of making your leveling experience set to 1x XP, which will earn you the exclusive reward of “the Resolute”. More information about this title can be found here.

  • Sargeras has Free For All PvP. Starting at level 20, you can attack and are attackable by other players, regardless of faction. Cities and taverns are your only safe havens.

  • Upon defeating an enemy player that is within five levels of you, they drop a chest. Inside of this chest will be items from their inventory and a small number of items that they have equipped. Items can be saved, however, through Fel Commutation. Click here for more information on Fel Commutation.


Check out the trailer for Sargeras:


We are proud to bring you our second realm of Sargeras. Happy Hunting Heroes!


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Andorhal is Live! Information and Updates!

Andorhal is Live





The realm of Andorhal is now live, giving you the opportunity to explore and conquer the world of Azeroth with the Ascension community!

As time continues, more changes, fixes, and content will be released, which will improve already existing systems and introduce even more gameplay features for your enjoyment.


We’ve developed and expanded our systems to deal with the vast majority of performance and lag issues brought with the massive increase of players.


Remember that the Bug Tracker is still active, and any bugs that are found should be reported through our website so they may be fixed!

The realm has been active for only four days, and we already have our first level sixty. Congratulations to Nosentic!


Changes have also been made to the website, and more are to come! Our project timeline is on its way, as well as visual updates and informational updates to other pages!


For your convenience, here are some other informative resources relating to the server:

Sargeras Information


Donation Item Information





If you have not yet joined our Discord Server, you can do so here!




Follow us on Social Media! We will be putting information, content, holding giveaways and contests, and more!



Thank you for your continued support!



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Beta Closing Event - Annihilation!

End of Beta Annihilation



Release is near, and we want to celebrate with you after our journey through Beta!

Starting on July 10th at 6:00pm CEST, the following changes will occur on Andorhal and Sargeras:

  • All safe zones, including cities and taverns, will be disabled. You will be attackable anywhere, and at anytime.
  • You will not be able to group up with anyone, you are alone!
  • All Honorable Kill counts will be reset to zero.
  • Death is permanent. When you are killed, your character will be unable to move or complete any actions
  • The player with the most Honorable Kills by the shutdown of the realms will be proclaimed the winner.

The winners of the event will obtain the exclusive one-time title of “the Annihilator” on the live realms.



Good luck to everyone, Happy Hunting, and thank you for all of your continued support!


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Ascension Release Announcement


Heroes of Azeroth, it has been 4 years now since the initial development of a Classless WoW project began, one year since we opened our Alpha.

A long road traveled, but with the endless support of our testers we are finally here. It is with great pleasure that we can finally bring to you the release dates of our realms!


Andorhal will be released on the 14th of July at 6:00PM CEST, 12:00PM EDT

Sargeras will be released on the 21st of July at 6:00PM CEST, 12:00PM EDT


See you online







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Multi-Specialization System!


Hello Ascension


We heard you guys wanted dual spec.

Well, you’re not getting it..



You’re getting QUAD Spec:



Acquiring Multi Specialization will allow up to a maximum of four builds you can save and swap between at your command.



Requires Level 60

Save up to 4 unique builds

Unlock each slot with a special item


Try out this feature by participating in any dungeon or raid on our Instant 60 PTR this weekend!






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