Snatch Up NEW PvP Gear!


Marshal Yourselves for Battle!
New Marshal and Field Marshal Epic PvP Gear Released!




As raiders delve deeper into Ahn’Qiraj, collecting ancient treasures and reaching new heights of power, we want to make sure our PvP-focused players aren’t left behind. We know some of you care only for the thrill of the fight, testing your skills and builds against other players in Battlegrounds or in the open world: that’s why we’re happy to announce the next level of PvP gear--the Mashal and Field Marshal epic gear sets.


The Marshal and Field Marshal epic PvP sets are now available from vendors in the Champion’s Hall and the Hall of Legends. Available for purchase with honor, players who live for Call to Arms weekends and Battlegrounds now have a way to keep pace with Raiders as they strive for better and better gear. Keep in mind, too, that you can mix and match gear from different sets, allowing you to access multiple set bonuses. Or, if you prefer, collect one complete set for the final 6 piece set bonus.


Good luck on the battlefield, heroes!






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New Challenges Await in Molten Core!


Achieve Greater Feats!

The Glory of the Molten Core Raider Achievement is Live




We know competition is fierce on Ascension: from World PvP to Battlegrounds, from Realm Firsts to raid clears, the thought of climbing higher than your peers is exciting. With Ahn’qiraj around the corner, there’ll be plenty of guild competition to see who can overcome bosses, and their custom mechanics, the quickest. However, we also wanted to introduce a little something extra in the meantime for the players who just really like to tackle challenges.


Introducing the Glory of the Molten Core Raider Achievements!


Looks Fancy


Thanks to one of our newest developers, we’ve got a brand new set of unique, custom achievements reminiscent of "Glory of the Ulduar Raider"! These achievements were crafted entirely from the ground up, designed to give raiders a bit of optional, extra fun and challenge should they desire it.


Some of these Look Tough...


Of course, it’s not just for the sake of proving how great you are that makes these worth completing. Satisfy all the requirements of “Glory of the Molten Core Raider”, and you’ll receive a mount worthy of your commitment!


Look at my Horse, my Horse is Amazin’

We hope you’re excited to try out these new challenges, heroes! Our goal with them is to give you a bit of extra fun, and a few more things to do, as we creep closer to bigger updates. We hope you have a blast with them, and if you do, we’d love to give the same treatment to Blackwing Lair, Zul’Gurub, and other classic dungeons and raids; with fitting rewards, of course.


Good luck completing these new achievements, heroes!






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Ahn'Qiraj Beckons



The Battle Ends

 And the War Begins


The Ruins and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Open Soon




The silithid retreat to their fortress. The first battle against the Qiraji is yours. The Horde and Alliance have nearly finished their War Effort, and the time to strike has come. The Ruins and Temple will soon be open: now you must destroy the hive. Take your fight to Ahn’Qiraj, and put a final end to the minions of C’thun.


But be warned--the Void will stop at nothing to lure you into its tendrils.




The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Open Soon!


With the release of AQ, we’d like to try something new in the form of staggered bosses. Our goal with this is to make sure each boss is finely tuned, and to ensure that AQ lives up to the challenge it presented so long ago. The schedule is as follows:


Conditions to Open Ahn'Qiraj


(1) The War Effort Complete

    (Note: Laughing Skull’s War Effort will automatically complete once they assemble their first Scepter of the Shifting Sands)


(2) Horde and Alliance Troops Moved to Silithus

(5 Days After War Effort is Completed)


Week 1: The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj Open

    Week 1: Kurinaxx & General Rajaxx

    Week 2: Moam, Buru the Gorger, and Ayamiss the Hunter

    Week 3: Ossiran the Unscarred


Week 4: The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Opens

    Week 4: The Prophet Skeram, Vem, Yauj, and Kri (Bug Trio), and Battleguard Sartura

    Week 5: Fankriss the Unyielding, Viscidus, and Princess Huhuran

    Week 6: The Twin Emperors, Ouro the Sandworm

    Week 7: C’thun


By focusing on only a few bosses per week, our AI devs can REALLY focus on each and every boss, making sure they’re tuned and offering the best possible raiding experience to our players. We’ve learned a lot from past raids, and think this is the absolute best way to proceed forward. In addition, by staggering the bosses in this way, guilds will have a real competition on their hands: with new bosses released each week, the glory of Realm Firsts will go to the guilds that master the fight quickest, rather than the guild that stayed up for days and missed sleep to get all the boss kills.


We hope you’re excited for the release of Ahn’Qiraj, heroes. Our goal is to make it a true raiding challenge, and we hope you don’t mind us taking a little bit more time to really polish up each and every encounter.


Good luck as you delve into the hive!






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The Scarab Gong Calls Out!


The Lost Scepter, Reforged

The Scepter of the Shifting Sands Questline is Open




Once, long ago, a war erupted between the Night Elves of Teldrassil and the insectoid Qiraji of Silithus. Lead by Fandral Staghelm, the Night Elf forces pushed back the swarm, determined to end their threat. However, after the savage death of Fandral’s son, the Night Elf forces suffered a tragic defeat, and the Qiraji spread from Silithus through Un’goro Crater, all the way to the Caverns of Time. In desperation, Fandral turned to the Bronze Dragonflight for aid.

The Dragons of Time answered.


Gathering their brethren, the green, blue, and red dragonflight, the Brood of Nozdormu aided Fandral’s forces in their fight against the Qiraji, descemating the silithid forces and again driving the insects back to their hive in Ahn’Qiraj. Once contained, Fandral and the dragonflights used their magic to create an impenetrable wall around the ancient temple. Sealed by the Scarab Gong and the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, the dragonflights asked Fandral to watch over the Scepter, lest their armies need to enter Ahn’Qiraj and eliminate it’s denizens once and for all. Fandral, enraged by the death of his son, shattered the Scepter, determined that Ahn’Qiraj would never be opened again.


Dormant for hundreds of years, the Qiraji now stir beyond the Scarab Wall. Their prison has become their fortress, and inside, their numbers swell. As the dragonflights feared centuries ago, Ahn’Qiraj must be opened.


The Scepter of the Shifting Sands must be reforged.




Heroes! The Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline has been released! Once shattered by Fandral Staghelm, it now falls to you to re-assemble the scepter and enter Ahn’Qiraj!


This intensive questline has been fully scripted to work exactly as it did in Vanilla, with a few quality of life exceptions: the boss items, once limited to a single player, are now lootable by everyone in the raid! The race for the Scepter is on!


As always, please report any bugs with the quest chain to our bug-tracker so we can get them functioning properly. Additionally, please note that the Scarab Gong will lay dormant until the War Effort has been completed, and Alliance and Horde troops have gathered in Silithus. Good luck befriending the Brood of Nozdormu, heroes!






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Ravenholdt Merges September 14th!


All Good Things

Season 1 End and Ravenholdt Character Merges




Season 1 is drawing to a close. We hope you’ve had a blast with Ravenholdt’s unique features--from the Karma System to 1v1 PvP Zones, from the staggered level cap to unique world PvP quests; whether you fought as a Protector or an Outlaw, Horde or Alliance, we truly hope you had fun.


As we wind down Ascension’s first seasonal realm, we want to bring you up to speed with our plans moving forward: what we’ve learned from the season, and how Ascension’s legacy realms will benefit because of it:


  1. 1v1 Zones and the Karma System are coming to Laughing Skull--The Karma system really did it’s job on Ravenholdt: it encouraged players to band together and make friends, team up against foes, and group in the open world while still allowing the dangerous Free-For-All-PvP atmosphere of our High-Risk realms. In fact, the Karma system went a long way towards fixing High-Risk’s biggest problem: the inability of players to form social bonds. This problem, while seemingly small, was one of the biggest reasons why new players left High-Risk. Without allies-- without a group--enemies seem much more overwhelming, especially to new players. When gear is lost, a few good allies can be the difference between wanting to quit the game entirely, or wanting to stay and plot revenge. Thanks to the Karma system, we had an overwhelming number of players choose the latter.


Meanwhile, 1v1 PvP zones massively encouraged better and more dynamic world PvP. By locking some zones to single combat, we saw more players than ever before venture out of cities with better gear to really test their skills and builds in combat. Without the threat of gank squads or unfair fights in these areas, we hope 1v1 PvP zones will continue to promote intense world PvP experiences on High-Risk.


We’re thrilled to announce that we’re moving both the Karma System and 1v1 Zones to Laughing Skull. We’re bringing jump pad’s too!


  1. Characters on Ravenholdt will be transferring to Legacy Realms--With Season 1 ending soon, it’s just about time for characters on Ravenholdt to choose their new homes. On Friday, September 14th, players will be able to chose which of the two legacy realms they would like to transfer to--Andorhal or Laughing Skull. Choose wisely--it’s a one way trip!


  1. The Seasonal Points Cosmetic Vendor will be added with the release of Season 2--Over the course of Season 1, players earned a number of Seasonal Points. With the release of Season 2, a vendor will be added where you can pick up cosmetic items with your seasonal points.


Season 1 was an amazing experience for both Ascension and the Ascension team. We’ve learned a LOT over the past few months, and moving forward, we’ll be able to use that knowledge to improve not only our Legacy realms, but future seasonal realms as well (for example, we learned that level caps were a bit too long). Additionally, we’ll be opening up a feedback thread within the coming days togather input from you guys about Ascension Season 1.


We hope you had a blast with Ascension Season 1. Prep your characters for transfer, and we’ll see you on the Legacy Realms!


Characters will transfer from Ravenholdt on Friday, September 14th.






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