Doomhammer Releases Sunday!


Tides Unending

A New No-Risk Realm is Opening to Alleviate Queue Times



The population of Ascension continues to skyrocket. Players are not only joining the classless experience,

they’re staying. More accounts have been created on Ascension this week than any week prior, and with

the launch of our new no-risk realm, Cenarius, we have seen queue times drop approximately 0

minutes--players just keep coming. We’re working tirelessly to manage this influx, and we’d like to

give you an update regarding our plans to manage this population growth.


At the time of writing, there are over 1000 people in queue across all realms, despite exponential

increases to individual server player caps over the past two weeks. To mitigate extraneous queue times,

we will be opening a third No-Risk realm, Doomhammer, to allow players additional options when playing

on Ascension. As always, we leaving all the cards on the table and are open to merging some or all of these

no-risk realms if the population on any one drops too low.

This is only one small part of our bigger plans to manage the growth of Ascension. As most of you know,

we’re actively modifying our software to boost our playercap. Additionally, we’ll be conducting a bit of

maintenance next week to migrate all realms to a new infrastructure; this move is intended to help us better

manage the population growth. We’ll let you know when we have a time for that sorted out, so keep an eye

open here, and on social media.


We are still absolutely working to expand the player capacity of each individual realm. At this time,

almost all of the work to be done is coding--not hardware--based. The last thing we want to do is let a flood

of people in only for the server to lag terribly. Our goal is to have as many players per realm as we possibly

can while still offering the quality, lag-free experience that you deserve. Keep an eye open for updates

regarding the player capacity of our realms!

Thank you, honestly, for your patience, Heroes. We know you’re aching to play without queue times, and

we’re working hard to get you there. We hope you enjoy our newest realm, Doomhammer, which

launches at 4:00pm on Sunday, January 14th,  Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).







 Check out our latest State of Ascension for all your Classless updates!







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A New Adventure Awaits

A New Adventure Awaits

A Fresh No-Risk Realm is Releasing Soon




Ascension has an onslaught of new players. Queue times are nearing 2+ hours to get into both Andorhal and Sargeras,

and that’s no exaggeration. Our realms are fit to burst from population--and we’re absolutely thrilled about it.


We expected a boost over the holiday season, but this is beyond anything we could have wished for. The starting zones

are buzzing, world chat is blossoming with questions on spells and talents. Players from around the world are

embarking on the journey to live out their class fantasy and create their unique, custom hero.   


We’re here to aid in that quest.


In an effort to diminish queue times, and to provide maximum stability to as many players as possible, Ascension is

opening up a fresh no-risk server. Our new realm, Cenarius, will be available to all players looking to begin life on

Ascension Classless!

Cenarius will give players new and old the chance to step into Classless WoW, and will offer the the following features:


  • No-Risk - Just like Andorhal, there is no loot-drop-on-death on Cenarius. Enjoy world PvP with no risk of gear loss!


  • An Amazing Leveling Experience - Complete with accelerated leveling and increased EXP gain from our new

Leveling Overhaul, start building your hero right from level one! (Read more here)


  • Your Hero, Your Fantasy - Wear any armor, wield any weapon, and choose from every spell, ability, talent in the

game, to create your UNIQUE character



  • Explore Random Enchantments - Enter a world where looting gear might net you powerful and elusive Random

Enchantments--talents that function as ‘enchantments’ on gear, allowing you to further customize your hero.



  • Azeroth Unbound - Explore Azeroth like you never have before; your custom character will embark on quests,

explore dungeons, and write their story--all while you shape them into the Hero they’ll become.



Cenarius will offer players old and new chance to experience Ascension fresh (and without that pesky 2 hour queue). In

addition, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the server to make sure the population is healthy and full. While our goal is to

provide a brand new, fresh dive into Ascension, we won’t hesitate to merge Cenarius into Andorhal if the population looks

a little too low. For now, however, we invite you to imagine what you would create if you could forge your dream class

is--and then step into Ascension to build it.


Now is the time to let your imagination soar.


The countdown commences, heroes: Cenarius opens at 4:00pm on Sunday, January 7th,  Coordinated Universal

Time (UTC).

Or check out this countdown timer if you don’t like figuring out time zones.




Want to learn more about Classless WoW? Check out our most recent State of Ascension for all of our latest updates!






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Taking it to the Next Level

Taking it to the Next Level

The Leveling Overhaul is Live on Ascension



Leveling is one of the most fundamental and important parts of any MMORPG--it’s a core aspect of gameplay, and it can be either one of the most enjoyable experiences in a game, or one of the most frustrating.

We’re thrilled to say that on Ascension, it’s the former.


We’ve released a MASSIVE leveling overhaul aimed at increasing the exciting, dynamic, and rewarding aspects of leveling while minimizing the repetitive, grindy aspects of it. We want leveling on Ascension to be something fun and engaging, something players want to come back to and experience again and again. We’ve got lots of updates planned for the future, but to begin we’ve targeted the early levels--levels 1-20--and made them some of the most fun you can have developing your custom Hero.


Here’s the lowdown:


  1. We’ve reduced the EXP required to get from 1 to 20 by 50% -- This means it now takes about half the time to get from level 1 to 20. Get ready to watch those levels fly by.

  2. Increased Kill rates -- EXP from killing mobs has been increased

  3. Increased Quest Reward rates -- Quests now give increased EXP

  4. Greatly increased rested EXP rates -- Logging out in an Inn is great again.

  5. All New Level One -

    1. This one merits some explanation: Originally on Ascension, a player began the game at level one with three abilities--One that used Mana, one that used Rage, and one that used Energy. These abilities have been removed. Instead you now begin the game with 9 Ability Essences, allowing you to customize your character however you want right from the get-go. You’ll have four abilities to choose at level one, and you’ll get your next at level 10. This means if you have an idea of what kind of character you want to level, you’ll be able to start building towards it right at level one. Especially because...

  6. All abilities pre-level 10 are available to choose at level 1--You want to get Tame Pet at level one? Go for it. We made that a thing.

  7. Lowered the level requirements of a TON of new abilities in the 1 through 20 range--Aspect of the Cheetah at level 10, anyone? It’s you vs. terrain, and you’re winning.

  8. Increased Loot on Leveling Elite Mobs--It’s worth killing those elites out in the world and in dungeons while you level!

  9. Increased EXP Gained from Elite World Mob Quests--Completing these quests will yield MASSIVE EXP rewards.

  10. Balanced all Low-Level Spells to fit the Classless System--Balanced spells means more spells are viable; play what you want, not what you need to.

  11. Introduced Recruit a Friend--We told you we would! With Recruit a friend, you'll get the follwing bonuses:

      1. Summon Friend - Both players will have the option to summon eachother.
      2. Increased Quest Experience when leveling with your friend.
      3. Increased Kill Experience when leveling with your friend.
      4. Grant your friend 1 level for every 2 levels you gain.
      5. An Exclusive, limited time 2-person mount.
  12. Gathering Professions now Grant Experience--That peacebloom is looking a little more tasty now that it grants EXP.

  13. Looting Chests Grants your Entire Party Experience--How’s that for a cool update?

  14. Reduced EXP Lost When in Groups Drastically--Grouping with other players is now an amazing option for leveling. Run those low level dungeons--with the increased EXP and loot drop from elite mobs, you’ll find yourself flying through levels.

  15. Killing a Rare Spawn now Grants an Immense Chunk of EXP--This change means that killing a rare mob is basically the same as completing a quest. It’s a huge chunk of EXP.


These changes are designed to make the leveling process feel incredible, heroes. With the increased EXP and reduced requirements to get from 1 to 20, the early game on Ascension is a playground of fast-paced leveling and discovering your custom hero. In addition, the increased EXP and loot from Elite mobs coupled with the reduced party-EXP-penalty rates means that grouping, dungeons, and party-play are an amazing way to both level and gear up. Now is the best time to bring your friends to Project Ascension and try out Classless WoW!


Good luck out there, Heroes.





If you'd like to know more about what we've been up to, check out our newest Q&A Video!





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An Enchanting Update to Ascension


Take your Build to the Next Level

The Random Enchantment Overhaul is LIVE!




The Random Enchantment overhaul is finally here. From this day forward, you will be able to harvest,

collect, and apply the enchantments you want to any piece of gear in addition to being able to roll them

randomly like before! Gone are the days where you had to decide between wearing your brand new epic

shoulders and the old blue ones with the fantastic RE; now, just harvest, collect, and re-apply. Plus, with

the addition of the new RE Leveling System, walking away from that Mystic Altar never felt so good.


Check out the guide below for all the information on the new RE system:


A Guide to Random Enchantments


Clicking on an enchanting altar (or on the Enchantment Collection in your Character Advancement Page)

now opens up the Mystic Altar, and a brand new UI. This is your Enchantment Collection--a catalogue of

all the Random Enchantments currently accessible in the game. Though you ‘ll only be able to see the

effects of enchantments you have harvested, you may be able to guess what others do by their names.



Just like before, you’ll need [Mystic Runes] to roll RE’s; you can collect them from dungeons, raids,

world mobs, and PvP. Place your gear on the altar, hit “Reforge Item”, and you’re on your way.


Enchantment Collecting and Collecting Reforging


Every time you reforge an item, your Random Enchantment Level will increase:


When you reach a new RE level, you’ll receive a [Mystic Extract]. These extracts allow you to destroy a

piece of gear to harvest the enchantment it has on it, and add it to your collection; once it’s in your

collection, it can be used indefinitely, any number of times, to enchant your gear. Do keep in mind,

however, that random enchantments now only stack to five (some enchantments do not stack at all,

and these are clearly labeled).


Harvesting an Enchantment


In order to harvest a random enchantment and add it to your collection, you’ll need two things: a

[Mystic Extract] and an item containing the Random Enchantment you want to keep. Simply place

the item you want to harvest on the altar and hit “EXTRACT”.


See that little sword thing in the corner?


Extracting an enchantment destroys the item, so please be absolutely certain before you extract an RE.



Once you extract the RE, it appears in your collection and you can use it whenever you want!


Mine to keep!


Enchanting from your Collection


After you have added an enchantment to your collection, you can use it to enchant any piece

of gear you like, any number of times. In order to use an enchantment from your collection,

however, you’ll need a [Mystic Orb]. Mystic Orbs, like Mystic Runes, drop from some world

mobs, PvP, and dungeon bosses. They’re very rare, so try and get your hands on as many as

you can; you’ll need them!


If you want to add an enchantment from your collection to a piece of gear, simply drag the item you want

to enchant onto the altar, and select the enchantment you wish to give it. Then, click on “Collection

Reforge”. When you do, a small window will appear detailing how many [Mystic Orbs] it will cost to

enchant the item, as well as the success rate of the enchantment.



Hit accept, and presto! You’ve got the perfect RE on your gear.


And that’s all there is to it!


Some Final Notes


It’s worth remembering that Random Enchantments will only stack to a maximum of five(5). When we

say that, we mean that random enchantments of the same name will only stack to a maximum of

five. Any enchantment after the 5th simply doesn’t work, so plan out your spec accordingly.

Also, keep in mind that you only get one(1) [Mystic Extract] every time you increase your RE level. While

there is no limit to the RE level system, the extracts are still quite rare. Iit’s important to choose the

RE’s you want wisely before you harvest them.


Finally, harvesting an enchantment gives you the exact enchantment that was on the piece of gear.

As you can see above, we’ve added various ranks of RE’s to the game; make sure you’re harvesting

the correct rank!


That’s pretty much the system, heroes. We decided on this version of RE collection so that you never

leave the Mystic Forge disappointed. Now, even if you don’t get the RE you wanted, you’re one step

closer to a Mystic Extract. Every Rune you use serves a purpose and helps you get more powerful. No

more wasted trips to the altar.

We hope you really enjoy the new RE system, heroes. Show us the amazing builds you come up with

using it!









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The Lair is Opening


Step into the Lair

The Doors to Blackwing Lair are Opening January 7th, 2018




The Firelord has been vanquished from beneath Blackrock Mountain. The Molten Core is no

more; you have triumphed. But your battle is not over.


Without the threat of Ragnaros, the black dragon Nefarian conducts his twisted experiments

unchecked at the height of Blackrock Spire. If he succeeds in the creation of a Chromatic

Dragonflight, all races of Azeroth will soon call the son of Deathwing “master”. There is no

time to waste; and no time left to lose.

Gather your armies, assault Nefarian at his throne in Blackwing Lair. Slay every beast, every

abomination, that stands in your path. Let nothing remain but the battered, broken corpse of a

dragon who thought himself too mighty to concern himself with the lesser mortal races.

Blackwing Lair will release on January 7th, 2018, at 12:00pm CEST. Nefarian, the final boss of

the Lair, needs a bit of extra polish and will release at a later date. Good luck gathering your

Onyxia Scale Cloaks, heroes.






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