Andorhal: Cross Faction Grouping and Karma System!


An Andorhal Armistice

And a Sudden Rise in Crime




The Horde and Alliance have always been at odds. Despite brief periods of peace won between them through the years, their relationship remains tenuous at best. Few things can disrupt that for long. 


Both factions, however, have been willing to set aside their differences for the good of Azeroth--albeit temporarily. As the world moves closer towards new and terrible conflict, the time has come to choose: a new threat comes from within--will you band together to fight it?


Cross-Faction Grouping and the Outlaw System are coming to Andorhal!


Get ready to challenge old grudges, Heroes--Cross-Faction grouping and the Outlaw (Karma) System are coming to Andorhal today! With their implementation, you’ll be able to make new alliances and form new friendships with Heroes of the opposite faction. But be careful--there are some among you just waiting for the chance to go rogue. 


With this update, the Heroes of Andorhal can expect two major changes:


  • Cross-Faction Grouping

    • Band together with Heroes regardless of their faction, setting differences aside to conquer new and exciting challenges. Delve into dungeons, ravage raids, and form friendships beyond the bounds of race (woah, progressive).


  • The Outlaw (Karma) System

    • Betray your own faction and go rogue with the Outlaw System! With a bit of Criminal Intent, you’ll be able to engage in criminal acts: attacking members of your own faction be they Heroes, Guards, or Townspeople. Be careful though, enough criminal acts will destroy your reputation with The Law. Commit enough, and you’ll be branded as an Outlaw.

    • Outlaws are highwayman and cutthroats who have betrayed their faction and been banished from Capital Cities. Their only respite to be found is in Goblin Cities, where beggars and bandits alike make their homes. Booty Bay is their capital.

    • Andorhal is still No-Risk. 

      • Heroes, Outlaw or otherwise, will not drop loot.


These two new systems will hit Andorhal on Friday, November 22nd, and mark a new chapter in the alignment of Heroes! Will you band together to conquer foes, or betray your own for recognition? The choice is yours to make--but make it wisely: it’s a difficult road to return from once walked.


Good luck, Heroes.


Note: Though the Outlaw system is coming to Andorhal, it is still a No-Risk Realm. Choosing to become an Outlaw will have negative consequences, such as guards attacking you in towns, but dropping loot is not one of them.






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Fel Touched Challenge Mode: Drink of the Fel



Drink of the Legion

Become Fel Touched




There are those among you who lust for power, who would claim unending strength no matter the cost. You would strike any bargain, make any sacrifice, to ensure that your enemies lay dead at your feet. There are many paths to power throughout Azeroth. One such path is Fel Blood.


Decades ago, the Orcs of Draenor drank the blood of demons and gained incredible strength and ferocity. The price was their freedom--their very souls. Now you have the chance to strike such a bargain. How far will you go for power? Will you betray your allies, abandon the ranks of Horde and Alliance, and serve the legion? They will not be prepared.


Surrender your soul and become Fel Touched.


The Fel Touched Challenge Mode is an entirely new way to experience Azeroth. With this new challenge mode, elements of Battle Royale Playstyles have come to Ascension without separating Heroes from the rest of the playerbase. Wage war on all of Azeroth as a Fel Touched Hero, assaulting both Horde and Alliance, Protector and Outlaw, as you harvest souls for the Legion. Team up with other Fel Touched champions in your quest to conquer Azeroth, or slaughter them like lambs to prove yourself the Legion’s most worthy soldier. The Fel Blood coursing through your veins grants you massive boosts to Experience and Gear Drops, and also grants you access to the Twisting Nether--a Legion hub-world where you and your allies can plot how Azeroth will burn.


But this power comes at a cost… and the bargain has already been struck. The power is yours to wield, Hero--and your Soul belongs to the Legion.


Fel-Touched Overview

  • One Life: You have one life to live, Hero. You can never resurrect.

  • Harvest Souls: Collect the Souls of fallen enemies to empower your current and future Fel Touched Heroes through account bound progression.

  • Power Overwhelming: Massive Boosts to experience and gear drop rates.

  • The Twisting Nether: Access to a Legion World and unique Fel Touched mechanics.

  • Air Drop On Your Enemies: Air Drop into High-Risk Zones as an Infernal Meteor, tracking your prey from above.

  • Glory to the Legion: Unique Legion Quests in 1v1 Honorable Combat zones.

  • Fel Companions: Fel Skinned Pets, Mounts and burning footprints identify you as a member of the Legion.

  • No Mail, No Trading, No Auctions--you’re on your own

  • High Risk Only: as a member of the Legion, you are permanently criminal and locked into High-Risk PvP. No Faction on Azeroth will interact with the Legion.

  • Kill or Be Killed: ATTACKABLE BY ANYONE, including non-ironman Heroes.


Fel Touched is a fast paced game mode you can jump into for a quick session accumulating souls for your next playthrough. Likewise, you can challenge yourself to top leaderboards, rise through the ranks, and complete challenges like slaying Faction Leaders with other Fel Touched Heroes. Each play-through grows your Soul Collection, which can be spent on account based progression enhancing all future Fel Touched heroes. For Heroes who also have a main character, Souls can be used to unlock exclusive rewards usable across all characters on your account.


You can begin your Fel Touched challenged at Stony Tark in any starting zone. There are no requirements for starting Fel Touched mode, but you can never resurrect and you can never end your service to the Legion. Drinking the Fel Blood is permanent. 


The moment you take the Fel Blood and become Fel Touched you will be pulled into the Twisting Nether. This Legion base is fully decked out in everything you need to wage war on Azeroth and jump straight into action. You will be given a Fel-Infused Treasure containing gear to match your playstyle and basic supplies. The Legion’s Lexicon offers missions in the war against Azeroth and High Inquisitor Qormaladon will exchange the Souls you collect for rewards accessible by all future Fel Touched Heroes you create.



Once you select your spells and equip your gear you can access the Fel Portal to drop back into Azeroth. Fel Magic summons you high above the zone as an Infernal Meteor, allowing you to control your descent and track your prey from above. Drop on your victims and burst into combat, slaughtering Heroes of Azeroth or other Fel Touched worms who prove unworthy to serve the Legion. After securing your kills and completing your missions for the Legion, you can use your Soul Stone to return to the Legion Base.


Fel Blood greatly enhances your strength, allowing you to grow in power and collect powerful gear in a mere fraction of the time it takes regular Heroes. Your journey to level 60 will be as quick as it is dangerous, with unique challenges at level 60 offering you large caches of Souls to spend after your inevitable death and rise back to power.



Fel Touched Heroes can only group with other Fel Touched Heroes, and you cannot trade or share items in any way. The Legion commands strength above all else--any soul who cannot stand alone falls in agony. Cull the weak from the Legion’s Ranks, and you will be rewarded: killing other Fel Touched Heroes will provide double the normal Souls collected.


Fear no death, pawn of the Legion: you grow stronger with every death, including your own. Your Hero’s life may end, but the souls you harvest remain. When next you enter into the Legion’s service, that Fel Touched Hero will be granted any souls you have collected. Souls can be spent on unlocking Fel Tracking Spells, Companion pets, Riding, Training, and even Heirloom Items for future Legion Heroes. Souls can also be exchanged for powerful level 60 items so you can bring the full wrath of the Legion down on even the mightiest Heroes of Azeroth.

The time has come to choose, Hero: do you stand with the Legion, or will you test your might against them? The challenge mode will become available tomorrow at 20:00 server time.Be prepared, and keep an eye to the skies.







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The Path of the Duelist


The Path of the Duelist

Optional 1v1 Honorable Combat Leveling Route Added




Some among you live for the thrill of Honorable Combat. A blade at your hip, magic crackling through your veins, your adrenaline burns in a fair duel against a foe: one Hero against another, your skill versus your enemies; no tricks, no ganks, no ambushes or outside assistance--only steel, and a pair of warriors--one lives, the other dies.

Once, such a path was blocked to you--confined to a handful of regions in the world where the law of the land demanded Honorable Combat. 


Now, however, a new path opens:


To those of you who love Honorable Combat, to the Heroes who wish to prove themselves against powerful foes, to the adventurers who seek, at all times, the fair fight--a new road lays before you:


The Path of the Duelist is open. 


The Path of the Duelist is a brand new leveling route that grants Heroes a road to 60 that stays entirely within 1v1 Honorable Combat Zones. Using it, Heroes can level from 20 to 60 in High Risk while staying inside of Honorable Combat Zones. What that means is that Heroes who believe themselves competent duelists, who seek the challenge of engaging other adventurers on equal footing, and who dislike the underhanded techniques of multiple opponents in High Risk, now have a way to level in the way they prefer. By walking the Path of the Duelist High Risk Heroes who wish to can guarantee they’ll remain in 1v1 Combat Zones for the entirety of their leveling process--whether or not you thrive, however, remains tied firmly to your personal skill.


The Path of the Duelist is as follows: heroes seeking to walk it should stick to the following regions, which, when visited in High Risk, will appear as Honorable Combat Zones.


The Path of the Duelist:


  • Ashenvale

  • Desolace

  • Feralas

  • Winterspring

    • (Has always been 1v1)


Now, Heroes who wish to embark on a High Risk journey through exclusively 1v1 Zones can do so, meeting other duelists and putting their 1v1 skills to the test. When you slay a foe and claim their equipment, you’ll know you did so by overcoming your enemy with your own skill. Similarly, Rather than worrying about potential groups of Heroes running you down and taking your gear, you can now rely on Honorable Combat laws to ensure that you’re fighting one--and only one--hero at a time. 


The Path of the Duelist allows Heroes who wish to level in High Risk to travel a path entirely in 1v1 combat. Heroes who walk it will contend with other Duelists on their path to power, showing their skill in single combat, and making a legend of their adventure.


Good luck in your journey, Heroes.



  • The Path of the Duelist is a brand new leveling route that allows Heroes to level from 20-60 entirely in 1v1 Honorable Combat Zones

  • The following zones are now 1v1 Honorable Combat Zones

    • Ashenvale

    • Desolace

    • Feralas

    • Winterspring

  • The above zones are only Honorable Combat Zones in High Risk

    • If you want to group PvP while in Ashenvale, just go No Risk!

  • Heroes who walk the path can enjoy 1v1 High Risk Fights without worrying about being jumped by multiple enemies







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Season 5 Weekend Updates BEGIN!


The Floodgates Open

Weekend One Releases are Here!




Your first week of trials has come to a close--the tutorial is over. As Heroes across Azeroth climb the last few steps to 60, procuring new equipment and forming alliances, calm settles over the rush of the first week. But the trials are just beginning: this weekend, the floodgates open, marking the beginning of massive Saturday content releases! The storm whirls again!


The first wave of Season 5 Releases rolls out this Weekend!


  • Saturday

    • Zul’Gurub Unleashed

    • Bloody Crow’s Cache

    • +25 Hand of Fate Quests

  • Sunday

    • PvP Progression 1

    • Arena Season 1 Start

  • Wednesday

    • Legion Invasions


Launch yourself into the frey, conquer new challenges, empower your Hero, overcome others, and forge your legacy as a Season 5 Champion. 


Here are the upcoming releases:

Saturday, 11/16/2019



Zul’Gurub Beckons:


    Tackle the Trolls of Gurubashi and slay the Blood God on his altar, Heroes--Zul’Gurub opens this Saturday on Bleeding Hollow. With its release, you’ll be able to engage in the first Raid of Season 5, collecting new gear to prepare for the coming challenges with friends.

    Zul’Gurub will be the first chance you have to experience Season 5’s brand new polished classic Raids. A bit of re-tuning and TLC will have Zul’Gurub--and each raid release after it--offering you and your allies a sharper, cleaner challenge. Prepare to experience a new, fine-tuned battle against Hakkar and his minions.

     Additionally, with its coming, Bloody Zul’Gurub gear now drops in the High Risk Open World, and has a chance to drop from Scavenging Crates (new ones--saving ones you have now won’t help you!). Want to grab your Bloody Zin’rok? Head out into the Open World and start taking down monsters--your time to rise to power is nearly here.


Note:  With the release of Season 5, Ascension has seen the inclusion of two new stats available on gear: PvP and PvE power. Each of these stats has unique properties that deserve a highlight for Heroes who might have missed them the first time around:

  • PvE Power: Increases the damage that you cause and reduces the damage that you take from monsters. 10 PvE Power increases the damage you deal, and decreases the damage you take, to and from monsters by 1%.

  • PvP Power: Increases the damage that you cause to other Heroes. 10 PvP Power increases the damage that you cause to other Heroes by 1%.

    • Note that PvP Power does not reduce the damage you take from other Heroes; Resilience does that.


    Bloody Crow’s Cache


    Get ready to strap on those parachutes, Heroes--this Saturday, Crow’s Cache comes to Season 5. Prepare to fight for Bloody Gear and glory as you search for the Cache out in the world and battle over the treasure within. Note that you can now use teleporters to get the drop on your enemies in active Cache zones. Once you land, keep your eyes peeled: enemies could lurk anywhere--even above you. 

Sunday, 11/17/2019 


PvP Progression 1, Start!


    Jump into battle and test your might, Heroes--PvP Progression 1 starts this Sunday. With its arrival, PvP gear will be available for purchase, and you’ll have everything you need to start showing other Heroes what you’re made of in both Battlegrounds and Arenas. As we jump into the first stage of Season 5’s new PvP Progression System, Heroes will have access to Rare PvP Gear--some of which will require both personal and team Arena Rating! This gear can be purchased for Arena Points, so if you haven’t begun to start gathering those, you probably should.


    Arena Season 1 Begins


    Starting with the PvP Progression 1, Ascension’s first official Arena Season begins! Get ready to fight against new faces in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 combat. Compete for Arena Points as well as Rating, power up your Hero, and take down your enemies.

    Arena Points work as follows:

  • Weekly point Cap: 5000

  • 25% of your weekly cap can come from non-arena activities

    • Battlegrounds

    • World PvP

    • High-Risk PvP

  • 2v2 and 3v3 Arenas give more points than 1v1

  • 50% of your cap carries over to the next week if you don’t reach it

  • Your weekly cap increases slightly as you get more than 1500 rating



Wednesday, 11/20/2019 


The Legion Comes


    The Burning Legion begins its reign over Azeroth--unless you stop them, Heroes. Use this final weekend to prepare yourselves for Legion Invasions. 

    Starting next Wednesday, Legion Invasions will assault the world, spawning massive baddies that you’ll need to contend with for supremacy. Snag ancient treasures and send the Legion back to their homeworld as you free the world from their fiery grip.

    Legion Invasions offer you a chance to snag toys and treasures, as well as contend with powerful Bosses that will take every ounce of your strength to bring down. Like other invasion points, Legion Invasions will offer you treasure when stopped, as well as a chance to test your mettle against some of the Legion’s toughest enemies. Two bosses will be available at the start of the season, with more on the way. Additionally, a brand new Legion World will be yours to explore in the coming weeks.

    Look forward to invasion points landing anywhere in level 30-60 zones. And Heroes, be careful who you trust--the Legion has more than a few of their pawns already on Azeroth.

The first wave of S5 Releases is nearly here, Heroes! Get ready to start really powering up as you soar to new heights and overcome terrible challenges. The Blood God, the Legion, and even other Heroes await you in the coming days.


Prepare yourselves.






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Season 5 Timeline is HERE!


Season 5 Timeline

New Content, New Fun, Every Weekend




Season 5 is here! Thousands of Heroes flood through the world of Bleeding Hollow, beginning their adventure on Ascension’s newest seasonal realm. As you settle in at 60, explore Dungeons and PvP, collect new gear, and prepare for Legion Invasions, you have a lot to look forward to. So much, in fact, that it requires a graphic.


The Season 5 Timeline is here!



Get ready for new content every single Saturday. Each and every week you’ll be able to look forward to brand new core release: new raids, new PvP Gear, and new adventures. World Bosses, massive PvP events, Balance Packs before every major PvP Progression--oh my! Every major release is accompanied by smaller ones as well, meaning each Saturday of Season 5 will be an event you DON’T want to miss.


The full timeline is available right here--and you might need to zoom to read it all. Whether you’re eager for PvP, raids, world bosses, balance packs, or invasions, we’ve got it all for Season 5.


It all starts this Saturday!


Starting this weekend, look forward to the first new releases on the list: Zul’gurub, and PvP Progression 1. Be prepared to face both the Blood God and your fellow Heroes as Ascension’s first Raid and first PvP Progression begin!


Good luck on your adventure, Heroes.





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