Invasion Testing on the PTR


The Invasion Is Coming

Get Prepared and Help us Test on Daggerspine




The Qiraji stir. The whispers of the Old Ones rally their hives. A buzz echoes over the desert. Soon, they will be upon you; will you be prepared?


This weekend is your chance to test the invasion before it hits live. We need heroes of all sizes and levels on Daggerspine to help us test the different events that will occur during the War Effort. Participating will put you ahead of the curve, giving you a rare chance to learn what will happen so that you and your allies can plan accordingly. It will also give us a chance to stress test, and make sure the events go smoothly before taking them to the live realms. Mark some time on your calendars, heroes; Ahn'qiraj testing begins this weekend.


See you on Daggerspine.





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An Enchanting New Update!


An Enchanting Discovery

20 new RE’s have been Added to Ascension




Random Enchantments are an amazing aspect of Ascension; they allow us to add in exciting new ways to play, and give you a chance to empower your current build, or create incredible new ones. We wanted to give the heads up that we’ve added 20 new RE’s to the game, including 8 new Legendary RE’s. These legendaries, rather than targeting individual builds, were created with the intent of being ‘splashable’--being generally powerful RE’s that we hope players will find creative ways to use. We won’t reveal exactly what they are, but we’ll give you a couple of names to whet your appetite. We hope you enjoy searching for and creating builds around these new RE’s! And did we mention they’re already in game?

Good luck, heroes!


A Few Legendary RE Names:


[Righteous Zealot]

[Harbinger of Flame]


[Frost Lich]





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Ascension Regular Maintenance


Maintenance Bot - Ho!

Ascension Regular Maintenance Hours Start Tuesday




Just like any machine, Ascension is filled with intricately working parts that require attention and upkeep. We do as much as we can without taking down the servers, and for the most part, that’s worked out okay. However, as we dive into bigger and bigger updates, and have more things to watch out for, we’d like to schedule a two hour period of dedicated time every week to make sure everything is up to speed and running smooth. Thus:


Starting this week, Tuesdays 12pm - 2pm EST will become Ascension’s regular maintenance time. During maintenance, realms may be brought down.


Regular maintenance times will allow us to have a two hour period to buckle down, make changes and repairs, and keep everything in order as the week goes on. It’ll also give us a scheduled time for any changes or updates we want to make, so when 12:00pm EST rolls around on a Tuesday, you’ll be free to take a two hour lunch break!


Stay vigilant, heroes!






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Search for RE's on the Auction House!


Search for RE’s on the Auction House!

That About Sums it Up



When is the last time you stood at the Auction House scanning manually through every [The Eye of Shadow] and [Idol of the Moon] to see if one of them had the random enchantment you want?


Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to do that? How cool would it be if you could just search the AH for random enchantments? What if you could enter the name of the RE you wanted, and it would instantly bring up all of the items on the AH with that RE on it?


Well, now you can!

We made it so you could search the AH for random enchantments, heroes. This should save you a LOT of time. We hope you like it!




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State of Ascension #3

State of Ascension #3

All Ascension’s News in On Place




Stay up to date on everything we’ve been up to with our newest State of Ascension! Be sure to subscribe to Ascension on YouTube, and leave a comment in the comments section if you’ve got any questions for us. We’ll choose the best ones to feature in our upcoming Q&A!








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