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Keep up with the latest changes--check out State of Ascension!




Keeping up with the newest updates to Project Ascension just got a lot easier. We are absolutely thrilled to announce the start of a new series we’re calling “State of Ascension”. In this series, we’ll be taking a look at every change and update we’re making to Ascension in one convenient place. Check out the first video here:


These videos, which we’ll be posting up on Ascension’s YouTube channel, will be THE place to check for important updates coming to Ascension. Each episode will be around 10 minutes long and will cover in detail the updates we’re making to the Project. No longer will you have to comb through different media to be brought up to speed! Now, whether you’ve been away for a while or just need a quick refresher, you can find every important update we’ve made in a single entertaining video.


And that’s not all!


State of Ascension is only the first part in a string new video content that we’re producing. Our plan is to have a trinity of alternating videos. Check it out:


1)   State of Ascension - A video detailing the updates that have been made to the game since the last episode, as well as our plans for the future in some cases.


2)   Q&A Video - Using the comment section from the State of Ascension videos, we’ll be putting together a Q&A Video where we answer your questions. Be sure to leave your most interesting questions in the comments section!


3)   Build of the “X” - During the slower sections of Ascension’s update cycle, we’ll be putting out some “Build of the [Week, Month, etc]” videos to help new and old players find interesting and unique builds to try out!


That pretty much sums it up! Our goal with these new mediums is to improve the way we circulate news, and create an easier way for players to check out all the important content we’re releasing. We hope you enjoy our first State of Ascension video, heroes! Look forward to what we’ve got to come!







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The Cross Faction Auction House is Live!


Because the Economy Has no Faction

Cross-Faction Auction House is Live on Andorhal and Sargeras




When it comes to making gold, faction differences should be the least of your worries. If you have a commodity and someone is looking to buy it, then you should be able to sell--ideally without running all the way to Booty Bay or Tanaris. The economy is like love; it cares not for the lables of mortal institutions like Horde and Alliance! That’s why we’re proud to make an announcement:


The Auction Houses on both Andorhal and Sargeras have officially gone cross-faction.


We know it’s something you’ve been asking for, and we found a way to make it happen. From now on, speaking with your local auctioneer will open up a marketplace containing all listed auctions, regardless of the lister’s faction. That means you’ll be able to see and purchase items put up by both Horde and Alliance players. This Cross-Faction AH it will function identically to the neutral Auction House that exists in cities like Tanaris, Booty Bay, and other goblin cities. In fact, all auction houses are part of one huge auction house, so feel free to post those drops while you're out questing--your friends in major cities will have quick access to them.


We hope the cross-faction to the AH boosts its usage and provides an easier way for players to barter and trade. Good luck out there, Heroes!


And keep your eyes open. The best is yet to come.







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Build your Library: Tome Collection is Coming


Tomes are now Stored in your Tome Collection




December 1st marks the beginning of a month of MASSIVE updates for Project Ascension. We’ve got big things waiting in the wings; from the RE Overhaul to a few things we haven’t announced yet. For now, we want to creep out of our lair just a little and bring you the first update of many: Tome Collection.



Here’s the lowdown:


  • All players will have a new section in their Character Upgrades page: Tome Collection. This page shows you a list of all the Tome Ranks of spells that exist in the game. You can toggle it to show all of them, or just the ones you know.

  • When you find a tome, right click it to add it to your collection. After you do, you’ll be able to teach yourself that rank of the spell/ability at any time!

    • Note that you’ll have to have the spell/ability in order to learn the tome!

  • Any time you want to learn a tome you have stored, simply open your Tome Collection, click the tome you want to learn, and hit the “Activate Tome” button. Presto! You’ve got your new spell rank.



Our goal with Tome Collection is to eliminate the feeling of being “stuck” in a spec. Whereas before it was vital to stock up on tomes before respecing, now it’s enough to get a spell or ability tome one time. Add it to your collection, and you’ll know it forever; no matter how many times you change your build.


This update is your chance to really get excited about trying new specs! Test some different spell/ability combinations, figure out which ones are right for you, and take another step forward to forging your unique, ultimate hero. So go ahead! Try that build you’ve always been curious about, get it down JUST the way you want it, and then open up your Tome Collection. Every tome you’ve learned will be right there, safe and snug, ready to take your spec to the next level.

And don't let your guard down yet, heroes: this update is but the first of many. Keep a steady eye for what might be lurking just ahead...







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RE Overhaul Update!




The Random Enchantment Overhaul is coming. This update will forever change the power and method by which players use and build specs around RE’s. Before we drop such an enormous change on you, we’d like to give you a bit of information to help you better prepare for one of our biggest updates yet.


Here’s a quick overview:


  • Current Random Enchantments on your gear will not be wiped


  • The RE stacking Limit will be reduced to 5


  • Current RE’s will be getting re-tuned to account for the new 5-stack-limit


  • Certain RE’s will still not be stackable


  • Mystic Runes will be reset or replaced when we introduce the new system


Lets Dive In:


(1) Current Random Enchantments on your gear will not be wiped


Worry not, Heroes: your enchantments are safe. In addition, anything you collect between now and the RE Overhaul will also be safe. No one is losing any RE’s!


(2) The RE stacking limit will be reduced to 5


The new system will limit all Random Enchantment stacking to 5; all RE’s, regardless of rank, will adhere to this limit. Now is a great time to start tweaking your builds and gear to account for the change!


(3) Current RE’s may be getting re-tuned to account for the 5-Stack-Limitation

With all RE’s being limited to 5, we might need to go through and re-tune a few of them to make sure they are giving players the boost they deserve. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if some RE’s need a tweak.


(4) Certain RE’s will still not be stackable


As much as we would love players transforming into race cars, we still can’t have you stacking 15% movespeed 5 times. Certain RE’s will be non-stackable, just as they are now.

(5) Mystic Runes will be reset or replaced when we introduce the new system


Use them up before the system goes live!


We’re projecting the release of the RE Overhaul sometime in December, and will be announcing it at least ONE WEEK before it goes live to give you a final chance to prepare. Consider this the preliminary announcement!

Get ready, Heroes. The Random Enchantment Overhaul is going to change the way you experience Ascension for the better.






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Ascension PTR is Opening Soon!


We Need Your Help, Heroes

(Forever, this time)


Ascension Public Test Realm Opening Semi-Permanently




We here at Project Ascension strive to provide each and every one of you with an exciting, engaging, balanced, and--most importantly--an incredibly fun experience on Ascension. Whether it’s PvP, PvE, abilities, talents, or Random Enchantments, we want you to enjoy the heck out of it.


To accomplish this, our team is constantly pouring over numbers, data, player feedback, the forums, Facebook, in-game tickets, and World Chat--as well as playing ourselves--to make sure we make the kind of changes that not only address what WE feel needs tweaking, but what YOU, the players, feel needs tweaking. We are constantly on our test realm checking our changes, finding bugs, testing systems, fixing problems, and planning ahead for future changes. We want to make absolutely certain that when we push a change, it’s not only something you want, but something that gets to you in a working state: bug free. To reach that, we’re constantly testing for bugs in our updates.


But it’s not enough.


Trying to bug-test with only a small handful of developers simply isn’t effective. We can’t find everything, and, regrettably, we sometimes spend more time fixing a system that goes live buggy than we do creating the system in the first place. We have a great team, but it’s a small one. It simply isn’t feasible for us to both push updates in a timely manner as well as bug fix. We could focus on bugs, but then new content would take forever to release. We can keep pushing content, like the new RE rework, but we’re afraid that it’s going to come to live buggy and cause more problems than it fixes.


Even when all we want to do is make something objectively better--like doubling reputation gain in WSG and AB--there are times when we have to go back and revert changes because something we did broke BG queues in a way that we couldn’t have anticipated.


All of this could be fixed if we had more people testing content before it was pushed to live; more voices heard, more interactions between the players and the developers, more problems found. If we had the community giving us feedback, telling us what works, what doesn’t, then we would be able to release so much more content so much faster.


That’s why we’re asking you for help.

We need you on our PTR


Project Ascension is releasing a semi-permanent Public Test Realm(PTR) where players will be able to playtest changes the developers are in the process of making on Ascension before they are pushed to live. We call it “semi-permanent” because although it won’t be available 24/7, 365, it’s going to be up an awful lot of the time. On this realm, we will be testing changes, updates, balance packs, and tweaks two weeks before they hit live. During that two weeks, we’ll be counting on your help.


We’ll be opening up a PTR forum and discord channel so that whatever you find, whatever you need to say, gets straight to us. Do you like a change we’re in the process of making? Tell us on the PTR forums. Are you the victim of some gamebreaking bug on the PTR that you don’t want to go to live? Post it on the PTR discord. Are battlegrounds taking 8 hours to pop? It’ll never see the light of day if we know about it, because we can fix it before it hits live.


We’ll be checking both the forum and the discord channel nonstop, as well as hopping on the PTR ourselves for feedback, comments, criticism, conversation, and bug-testing.


Additionally, the nature of the PTR will change depending on what we’re testing. It might occasionally be an instant 60 event, or have characters copied over from live realms. It may involve leveling specific PTR characters. The realm will change to be what we need it to be, but it will always be accomplishing the same thing: gathering player feedback for the health of Ascension.

We NEED YOU, heroes, to use this PTR for bug and patch testing, and to give us feedback on the directions in which we take Project Ascension. What you have to say is incredibly valuable to us. We want to make Project Ascension the classless WoW experience that you’ve always dreamed of, and we hope by stopping bugs before they start, and getting your feedback on our systems, we’re making a step in that direction.


We need you on the PTR, on the discord chat channel, and on the PTR forums, heroes. We’ll see you there.






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