Season 2 Begins Next Friday!


‘Tis the Season

The Countdown to Season 2 is On!




The wait for Season 2 is nearly over, and we’re not going to waste any time. Ascension Season 2 begins Friday, December 14th. With it, we’re breaking out some of our biggest changes ever, and we hope you’re ready for an incredible High-Risk experience. This article will get you up to speed on everything you need to know before Season 2 begins, and this is a season you don’t want to miss.


  • World Event System

  • Call Boards

  • Wildcard Mode

  • i-level Based World Drop Overhaul

  • The Gurubashi Blood Bowl

  • Seasonal Challenge Overhaul

  • Character Transfers to BOTH Legacy Realms


Get ready to embrace your inner gladiator, heroes, because Season 2 is all about claiming glory--making a name for yourself, and decimating the competition. This season, we’ve got a ton of different ways to make yourself known: from unique titles, to the challenge system to world first accomplishments announced in chat. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Season 2 is our opportunity to try out new systems, and we plan on moving them to the Legacy Realms if they work out well.


Let’s dive in.

World Event System


We’re introducing a brand new World Event system with the release of Season 2. These events range from custom World Bosses, to monsters in an area dropping [Mystic Orb Shards] and bonus loot, to Plagued Undead bursting from the corpses of slain Scarlet Warriors when slain.


Essentially, when you’re wandering the world, you may just see a message pop up declaring that an Event is active.That’s your queue to get a move on--world events provide bonus loot and more when completed. You might find yourself rushing to the shores of Azshara to slay Naga, or find that Furbolgs have perfected a new type of Firewater and are running amok with it: we’ve got dozens of completely custom world events, and more than the bonus loot, each one offers its own fun and surprises.


World Events create a reason for players to move to the same zone: chasing treasures and bonus rewards, players will have to contend with others as they make friends, take down foes, and fight for their lives and gear to complete epic objectives.


Call Boards


Quests Call to you, Heroes


The Heroes Call and Warchief’s Command boards are two new quest-boards we’re introducing in Season 2. They’re here to make your life amazing. Every single day, these Call Boards rotate quests, sending hoards of players flocking to single zones to complete dailies, dungeons, raids, and even slaying Faction Leaders. Completing these quests will shower you with [Mystic Orbs], and our goal is to make the seasonal Call Boards the best possible way for players to collect them. We’re changing the fundamentals to make sure that the best way to get [Mystic Orbs] is also the most fun and varied. So rather than running a single dungeon to death, head to the Call Boards, and pick yourself up a few quests.


The Warchief Requires Aid!


But be careful, Heroes: with so many players after the same objectives, expect a treacherous time trying to complete your quests without getting slain by other players. Unless, of course, you’re the hunter.


The Hero’s Call and Warchief’s Command Boards will feature the following types of quests:


  • Daily Dungeon

  • Daily Battleground

  • Daily World Elite

  • Weekly Siege (Faction Leader Kill Quests)

  • Weekly Raid

  • Weekly World Boss

  • Seasonal Challenge Quests

    • Each bracket [20, 30, 40, 50, 60] will have an optional challenge quest that will factor into your seasonal participation and give you some level appropriate gear.



  • Mystic Orbs

  • Spoils of War Chest (Change to Contain Raid Epics)


Wildcard Mode


Looking for a new way to level a character?


Wildcard Mode is a brand new optional way to level your character-- rather than choosing your abilities, every single ability your Hero has will be randomly assigned as you level. It’s Ascension ARAM! Wildcard Heroes will have no choice of what abilities they’re assigned, and no way to reset their spells at all. You get what you roll, and you make it work. Although talents and stat points can be chosen normally, the spells and abilities your Hero has are at the mercy of random chance. So take a deep breath, and turn in that last quest!


Wildcard Mode will provide an incredible challenge to players who seek it. We hope it will entice newcomers and veterans alike to really embrace the chaos, and see just how far they can get. Can you conquer your foes with an entirely random set of abilities? Will you make it to 60? Only you can say, and if you succeed, some epic rewards await you!

High-Risk High Reward: i-level World Drop Overhaul

Wearing better gear out in the open world now guarantees you better loot from monsters: the i-level based world drop system is here for Season 2!


With the release of this new system, players who take the risk of wearing stronger gear out into the world will be rewarded with guaranteed better loot from monsters. It works like this: the better gear you wear out into the world--that is, the higher the i-level--the better Loot Templates you unlock from monsters. So, for example, if you’re wearing a full set of Blackwing Lair gear while bashing demon face at The Tainted Scar, you’ll be getting drops from a better template than someone doing the same thing in Dungeon Blues.


Whether you’re slaying monsters or hunting players, the gear you find in the open world is now better when you wear better gear. If you’re geared to the teeth, you’ll be getting much better loot while tackling challenging monsters. By the same token, if you’re out for blood, the players you’re looking to slay will have better gear on as well. We hope this system encourages players to wear their best out into the world, risking high i-level gear for a chance at incredible treasures.

The Gurubashi Blood Bowl


Calling all Gladiators: the Gurubashi Blood Bowl is here!


The Event be Startin’, Mon!


We’ve got a new event this season for Heroes who really want to test their mettle: the Gurubashi Blood Bowl. Every so often, an announcement will ring out across the land calling competitors to Gurubashi Arena. Once the brawl begins, step into the arena to receive the Gurubashi Gladiator buff. As long as you stay inside the Gurubashi Arena, you’ll get [Mystic Orb Shards] for slaying other players. With each player you slay, you’ll get another stack of the buff. For every stack you have, you net even more orb shards from player kills. Stack it up as high as you can, and receive massive amounts of shards!


But be warned, heroes: if you leave the arena for any reason, voluntary or forced, your stacks will be reset to 0. Stay strong, and don’t get slain!


Additionally, the Blood Bowl is a competition: the hero inside of the arena with the most stacks of the Gurubashi Gladiator buff will receive a chest that only they can open, filled with loot, gear, and other prizes. It pays to be the champ!


As a final note: we’ve outfitted the Gurubashi Arena with banks, Arena Queues, and vendors to make it a hub for players who love combat. Although the inside of the arena is a blood bath, the area around the arena is a Sanctuary, meaning players can’t attack each other as long as they’re outside the ring, so feel free to equip some really great gear before diving into the Blood Bowl!


Just be careful on the walk there--the rest of Stranglethorn is fair game!


Seasonal Challenge Overhaul

Looking for more challenge in your season? Wish you had some way to stand out in the crowd? Want some epic cosmetics and mounts to deck out your Hero? We’ve got you covered with the Seasonal Challenge Overhaul.


The New Seasonal Collection


The Seasonal Challenge Overhaul is massive. It’s a brand new system of challenges that will allow players to claim glory, and stand out amongst their peers. The Challenge overhaul introduces aslew of brand new custom achievements and accomplishments for players to undertake as they explore Season 2. Ranging from World Firsts to PvP accomplishments, completing certain challenges throughout the season will grant you an Achievement, along with other possible rewards: for example, being the first player to max out First Aid will net you a fancy title. Similarly, slaying enough players in the Blood Bowl will get you an achievement, as will killing players in World PvP.


Complete Challenges, Fill up the Bar, and Claim the Rewards!


With each challenge you complete, you’ll fill up the Challenge Bar. Fill it up enough, and you’ll receive Seasonal Points. Seasonal Points can be spent on exclusive cosmetics, mounts, and other items in the Vanity store.


For some heroes, however, the biggest reward might be the glory, and if that’s you, we’ve got some good news: world first achievements will be actively announced to the entire server when completed. Many of the World First achievements will be accompanied by exclusive titles, which can be worn throughout the season and taken back to the main realms once the season has ended, so if fame and accolades are your game, step into the ring, and try your hand at World First achievements!


Character Transfers to Both Legacy Realms

Finally, rest assured that the adventure doesn’t end with the Season: characters from the Seasonal Realms will find new homes on our legacy ones, Andorhal and Laughing Skull. However, instead of having to choose their new home, characters from Season 2 will transfer to both Legacy Realms when the season ends. Season 2 Heroes will be able to continue their adventure wherever they wish, and even on both realms if they choose to.


We hope you’re excited for Season 2, heroes. Mark your calendars for December 14th, and start sharpening those swords: the Gladiator’s Gauntlet is just about on!







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Snatch Up NEW PvP Gear!


Marshal Yourselves for Battle!
New Marshal and Field Marshal Epic PvP Gear Released!




As raiders delve deeper into Ahn’Qiraj, collecting ancient treasures and reaching new heights of power, we want to make sure our PvP-focused players aren’t left behind. We know some of you care only for the thrill of the fight, testing your skills and builds against other players in Battlegrounds or in the open world: that’s why we’re happy to announce the next level of PvP gear--the Mashal and Field Marshal epic gear sets.


The Marshal and Field Marshal epic PvP sets are now available from vendors in the Champion’s Hall and the Hall of Legends. Available for purchase with honor, players who live for Call to Arms weekends and Battlegrounds now have a way to keep pace with Raiders as they strive for better and better gear. Keep in mind, too, that you can mix and match gear from different sets, allowing you to access multiple set bonuses. Or, if you prefer, collect one complete set for the final 6 piece set bonus.


Good luck on the battlefield, heroes!






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New Challenges Await in Molten Core!


Achieve Greater Feats!

The Glory of the Molten Core Raider Achievement is Live




We know competition is fierce on Ascension: from World PvP to Battlegrounds, from Realm Firsts to raid clears, the thought of climbing higher than your peers is exciting. With Ahn’qiraj around the corner, there’ll be plenty of guild competition to see who can overcome bosses, and their custom mechanics, the quickest. However, we also wanted to introduce a little something extra in the meantime for the players who just really like to tackle challenges.


Introducing the Glory of the Molten Core Raider Achievements!


Looks Fancy


Thanks to one of our newest developers, we’ve got a brand new set of unique, custom achievements reminiscent of "Glory of the Ulduar Raider"! These achievements were crafted entirely from the ground up, designed to give raiders a bit of optional, extra fun and challenge should they desire it.


Some of these Look Tough...


Of course, it’s not just for the sake of proving how great you are that makes these worth completing. Satisfy all the requirements of “Glory of the Molten Core Raider”, and you’ll receive a mount worthy of your commitment!


Look at my Horse, my Horse is Amazin’

We hope you’re excited to try out these new challenges, heroes! Our goal with them is to give you a bit of extra fun, and a few more things to do, as we creep closer to bigger updates. We hope you have a blast with them, and if you do, we’d love to give the same treatment to Blackwing Lair, Zul’Gurub, and other classic dungeons and raids; with fitting rewards, of course.


Good luck completing these new achievements, heroes!






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Ahn'Qiraj Beckons



The Battle Ends

 And the War Begins


The Ruins and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Open Soon




The silithid retreat to their fortress. The first battle against the Qiraji is yours. The Horde and Alliance have nearly finished their War Effort, and the time to strike has come. The Ruins and Temple will soon be open: now you must destroy the hive. Take your fight to Ahn’Qiraj, and put a final end to the minions of C’thun.


But be warned--the Void will stop at nothing to lure you into its tendrils.




The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Open Soon!


With the release of AQ, we’d like to try something new in the form of staggered bosses. Our goal with this is to make sure each boss is finely tuned, and to ensure that AQ lives up to the challenge it presented so long ago. The schedule is as follows:


Conditions to Open Ahn'Qiraj


(1) The War Effort Complete

    (Note: Laughing Skull’s War Effort will automatically complete once they assemble their first Scepter of the Shifting Sands)


(2) Horde and Alliance Troops Moved to Silithus

(5 Days After War Effort is Completed)


Week 1: The Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj Open

    Week 1: Kurinaxx & General Rajaxx

    Week 2: Moam, Buru the Gorger, and Ayamiss the Hunter

    Week 3: Ossiran the Unscarred


Week 4: The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj Opens

    Week 4: The Prophet Skeram, Vem, Yauj, and Kri (Bug Trio), and Battleguard Sartura

    Week 5: Fankriss the Unyielding, Viscidus, and Princess Huhuran

    Week 6: The Twin Emperors, Ouro the Sandworm

    Week 7: C’thun


By focusing on only a few bosses per week, our AI devs can REALLY focus on each and every boss, making sure they’re tuned and offering the best possible raiding experience to our players. We’ve learned a lot from past raids, and think this is the absolute best way to proceed forward. In addition, by staggering the bosses in this way, guilds will have a real competition on their hands: with new bosses released each week, the glory of Realm Firsts will go to the guilds that master the fight quickest, rather than the guild that stayed up for days and missed sleep to get all the boss kills.


We hope you’re excited for the release of Ahn’Qiraj, heroes. Our goal is to make it a true raiding challenge, and we hope you don’t mind us taking a little bit more time to really polish up each and every encounter.


Good luck as you delve into the hive!






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The Scarab Gong Calls Out!


The Lost Scepter, Reforged

The Scepter of the Shifting Sands Questline is Open




Once, long ago, a war erupted between the Night Elves of Teldrassil and the insectoid Qiraji of Silithus. Lead by Fandral Staghelm, the Night Elf forces pushed back the swarm, determined to end their threat. However, after the savage death of Fandral’s son, the Night Elf forces suffered a tragic defeat, and the Qiraji spread from Silithus through Un’goro Crater, all the way to the Caverns of Time. In desperation, Fandral turned to the Bronze Dragonflight for aid.

The Dragons of Time answered.


Gathering their brethren, the green, blue, and red dragonflight, the Brood of Nozdormu aided Fandral’s forces in their fight against the Qiraji, descemating the silithid forces and again driving the insects back to their hive in Ahn’Qiraj. Once contained, Fandral and the dragonflights used their magic to create an impenetrable wall around the ancient temple. Sealed by the Scarab Gong and the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, the dragonflights asked Fandral to watch over the Scepter, lest their armies need to enter Ahn’Qiraj and eliminate it’s denizens once and for all. Fandral, enraged by the death of his son, shattered the Scepter, determined that Ahn’Qiraj would never be opened again.


Dormant for hundreds of years, the Qiraji now stir beyond the Scarab Wall. Their prison has become their fortress, and inside, their numbers swell. As the dragonflights feared centuries ago, Ahn’Qiraj must be opened.


The Scepter of the Shifting Sands must be reforged.




Heroes! The Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline has been released! Once shattered by Fandral Staghelm, it now falls to you to re-assemble the scepter and enter Ahn’Qiraj!


This intensive questline has been fully scripted to work exactly as it did in Vanilla, with a few quality of life exceptions: the boss items, once limited to a single player, are now lootable by everyone in the raid! The race for the Scepter is on!


As always, please report any bugs with the quest chain to our bug-tracker so we can get them functioning properly. Additionally, please note that the Scarab Gong will lay dormant until the War Effort has been completed, and Alliance and Horde troops have gathered in Silithus. Good luck befriending the Brood of Nozdormu, heroes!






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