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Donation Items After Release and the Book of Ascension

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As we prepare for launch, we would like to address the topic of donation items and the Book of Ascension.

The staff has collectively decided that the Book of Ascension will not be available directly at release, for those who have not yet purchased it in the Open Beta stages.

For those who have purchased it in Beta Stages, along with other vanity, cosmetic, or mount items, there will be a way for you to redeem these items onto the character(s) of your choice.

A web page will be available shortly after release that will allow you to select your items that you wish to redeem, and after you have selected them, they will be sent to your character. All of the non pay to win items that have been previously purchased will be shown on this web page. Titles that were earned will also be connected through this web page.

There will be another announcement of the webpage being released shortly after launch. It will be available within a week of live release. If you purchased items before the server transferred to Project-Ascension, your items will still be available through this page.

The Book of Ascension will not be made available to the public in whole until after the first level 60 on the Horde and Alliance have been determined on each realm.


We thank you for your time, contributions, and dedication to Project-Ascension.

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