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BG/PVP balance

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The fact that TG and Judge have been top contenders for months... The amount of gear needed to be a good tg/judge player is VASTLY different compared to caster builds or any other spec that doesn't have the devs favoritism. Instead of buffing Judgement or adjust TG why not buff spells that rarely see use?? Chaos bolt doing more dmg or maybe increasing the range and AOE of rain of fire and blizzard? SOOOOOOOO many creative changes can be made to make the meta diverse and fun to build around............but instead we get buffed Judge and nothing is done to the number 1 build sense launch TG.

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Most of the updates are done for the sake of balance rather than engaging gameplay and I can see them taking a look at this but they haven't done anything in the 6 months I've played.

It's like their core gameplay is already set in stone and they just need to balance the game because why balance the game around current metas unless you don't plan on changing how the game is played later on. If they change things now then a lot of the balancing work they have will be redundant. Of course there are many cases where this doesn't apply but I think it's enough to show their mindset that gameplay is fine as it is now. Let everyone have 4 engages, 4 immunities, 4+ buffs, Lifetap, button mashing melee PvP rotations. That's customization, right? 'It's fine. The game doesn't need much else just balance it around these.'

We need a large rework because we honestly don't want to be playing like this in TBC & WotLK where you have EVEN MORE ability points to spend into meta picks and players STILL spamming immunities. This gameplay isn't sustainable. Their buff/balance packs are working but they come out slowly, needed much earlier, or just don't do enough. The latest wave of changes are great but I'd expect that much to be implemented before I even started playing here.

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Hey guys. We've actually been developing new internal tools that will really help the balance team make changes quicker and open up the doors to making different changes.

The big system we've been working on will allow Balance Team to change how spells scale in PvP versus PvE, which should see a much more balanced PvP experience as they will be able to balance PvP and PvE separately now! We've also created new tools and workflow that allow Balance Team to test and re-iterate MUCH faster. Processes that used to take minutes now take seconds. This should really speed up how fast Balance Team makes changes and also the effectiveness of those changes.

Balancing classless for PvP and PvE was incredibly hard and delicate, but the ability to balance those separately should bring about significant improvements in the near future.

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Balance is at its all time best. There is perhaps a  few ´´abilities´´ that could use a sllightly nerf but nothing major.
Casters are doing very fine and pretty much all builds are viabel at high end pvp fights.
Balance is and should allways be around 1vs1. Ofcourse a full dmg TG with Pocket healer that spam dispells and heals are doing easy work of others in BG if you dont have the same backup as him.
I dont agree with TG or Judgment nerf at this point. They could add some more CD on Bladestorm and Killingspree but not more that this. TG and Judg are not even close to be worth being mention in a balance talk.

23 hours ago, Jaasiel said:

The amount of gear needed to be a good tg/judge player is VASTLY different compared to caster builds or any other spec that doesn't have the devs favoritism

TG and Judge needs alot better gear than casters to shine, Problem with both these builds is that they are very easy to play and have a tunnel vison playstyle.
On LS you can buy full epic caster gear for less than 800g with decent spellpower and stamina. 

Calling for a nerf for builds that is not even top5 1vs1 is just stupid. imo.
Both Judgment and TG´s are very easy to work around once you know how it´s done. It require alot of pratice but once you get hang of it TG´s will have so little uptime on you. Xecc has some nice videos on youtube of 1vs1 and 1vsX. there you can see how his playstyle prevents the uptime from TG´s.

You say casters is in bad shape? im sorry but atm casters are doing just fine with their silence nuke combos and many times will oneshot players up to 7k hp and with more people going casters we will see alot of better caster builds in the feuture. We havent even seen the true power of casters yet.
I would suggest asking the pvp players about tips and tricks to help you deal with those builds that seems to counter you.

experiance means alot on Ascension since you will learn how to adapt your playstyles vs certin people. i use this method myself since it´s the same people i end up fighting.
Im happy to help with builds and advices if you guys need it.

Tryant -Filthy Few- Laughing Skull 

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