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Tone Down Invasion Notifications

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I think the invasions are a neat thing, I haven't done one yet, but it's something that I want to check out soon enough.

I think that the number of notifications that are popped up needs an overhaul. I get that it's a neat thing and you want people to know. But once I toss some numbers at you, it no longer becomes enjoyable, but an annoyance.

I decided to do a 30 minute sample, just to see what numbers I would some up with.

Within 4 minutes > 11 notifications

Within 30 minutes > 64 notifications

If it kept going at that pace it would mean that there would be a total of 128 in 1 hour or roughly 1 notification ever 30 seconds.

A couple suggestions to make this not as bothersome

1. Cut the number of notifications

2. Make it a system message so that it shows up in the chat box instead of the screen.

3. With how there is the side buttons that open up the stat allocation, skills / talents. Perhaps make a new button that is black when no invasion is happening, and turns green or red when one is. NOT FLASHING THOUGH!

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