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Real suggestion, read it.... Currency System

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So, I'm making this thread now because I feel the current state of Laughing Skull is a joke IMO(Not everyone's opinions) I don't find WPvP as fun as it used to be in beta and the early days of Sargeras and there are a few reasons why and I will list them and what my idea(Currency system) will do to help fix these problems.

1. It's not High Risk if people aren't taking risks or the risk is too great. Case and point, people with full BiS epics and re's spend time getting that gear even on LS it's not so easy to farm hours a day to get gold to do it. So once you've acquired all that gear you won't leave the main city alone to avoid being ganked and losing it.

2. PvE on a high risk realm? The original idea for Ascension was a classless high risk experience where WPvP was abundant and group content was not needed. In beta there were no raids until the end and 5 man dungeons gave the best gear, blues... 

3. Abundance of gear back then, as we progress forward the gear gap between newer and older players started to grow and so does the lack of WPvP. In beta the best gear you could get were blues, maybe some world epics that dropped which were abundant. People didn't care to lose gear and there were no re tables to make your build only viable through the use of 10+ re's. Not only until the end of beta and beginning of Sargeras when raids were announced and people got raid gear were the fel commutation system really changed and made so you couldn't lose gear then changed to only 3 pieces being allowed.

4. Balance... This is a tough topic as it's hard to say how you can balance a classless server that has so many opportunities for things to become overpowered or "meta". When we all first started we all thought our build would be the greatest thing ever and we all enjoyed making stupid builds because no one knew what they were doing but as time progressed and the Dev team have changed talents, spells, from their original WotLK ratios and timers, things get a little bit harder to do. In my opinion, I believe the Devs should remove RE's from the game and stop looking to make new RE's as they only seem to break more things and add another factor when it comes to balance. If there RE's that gave little advantages instead of increases to damage, health, crit or any other stat and the Dev's focused solely on balancing the abilities and talents they have, then they could accurately balance all builds and test with them. But, you can't buff something without trying every re because some builds are terrible without 10 re's, some are good then get even more broken with re's and some like judgement don't require many re's but still hit very hard. TG's have always been a problem since beta since they were easy and fun for new players but they were counterable and still are but that line grows harder to see as changes are made without proper documentation or tooltips. Also IMO I don't think stealth should be a major thing on a high risk WPvP realm as it allows you to not fight and only pick when you want to assassinate the 1 guy in greens/blues farming that has no cd's or run away from a fight before it starts.


Now onto my idea: Currency system

I will still use the point system to address each topic discussed above and how my system changes it.

The currency system is an idea that each player has their own currency, that isn't gold or anything but more like rank points or honor and top level gear is only accessable through buying this with this currency.

This currency is only obtained by killing other players in WPvP but the catch is, if you die you lose an amount of your currency. Epics will no longer drop from world farming or raids or dungeons, although blues and world drops will still drop abundantly and I mean abundantly for newer players to atleast stand a chance against veterans. Your character along with this currency also has a gear score, so if a player in full epics decides to fight a player in greens/blues thats new, that player will not lose as much currency and the player will not gain extra currency. This is just the basis for this idea and I will further explain it in the points below.

1. The point of this currency system is to allow risk in WPvP while not also killing yourself if you die once with epics. You will not lose your gear on death unless you are at 0 currency... Which will require you to die multiple times or to a player that is significantly lower geared then you. By doing this, there will be those players that stick out from the rest and do better and achieve the gear faster then others. This will by no means be an easy thing to get fully epic'd and it shouldn't take a measily 2 weeks or month and should be earned because if you're constantly in fights, you can constantly lose? BUT WAIT WHAT IF THERE'S A 1000 PLAYER GROUP THATS JUST WIPING THE ENTIRE WORLD OUT? They don't get currency if they kill players with the help of others, perhaps make it so if X amount of players fight a lower X amount of players, they gain less currency or none at all and the opponents lose no currency for being killed by 10. I also don't believe you should be able to group with more than 4 other players, so basically you shouldnt be able to make a raid group period. Also, you cannot farm the same player over and over to achieve currency, there will be a limit on how many times they can die within a certain amount of time.

2. The system itself as explained above eliminates raids. Well you want BWL gear and high risk gear, go WPvP and try to kill more people than you die. If you drop down to 0 currency or are killed multiple times you may lose 1 piece of your epic gear which will result in setting you back.

3. The system itself will obviously have players that stand out from others, survival of the fittest and all and so those players will get more gear then the others and quicker but by no means should they be fully epic'd out in 2 weeks, or a month. Perhaps 2-3 months sounds reasonable as players deserve to be challenged as vanilla, and TBC were. And then when ascension decides they've had enough of BWL or whatever raid their on they can release the next set of raid gear that can be acquired through currency. Currency will have a cap FYI so you cannot hoard it abundantly for the next raid gear to be purchased and so players cant have 1 million currency and never have a chance of losing their gear. 

4. Although, there is no system that will fix balance, if you read my above post you can either agree or disagree with points but I don't think large scale WPvP is really a thing for a server of this proportion and should be left to AV when we have an abundance of 3000-5000 players and can make rewards that are suitable for BG's... Also, if you get rid of stealth and other things that make it so WPvP is an "Option" and not required on LS, you may get some pretty funny/angry and fun moments. I think RE's are a big problem though at the moment.


; All in all I hope you can take the time to read this and give constructive feedback on maybe ideas that you have or think about, or improve on my idea. I love this server very much as I am a big WoW fan and have played almost every expansion thoroughly and competitively but nothing has given me the rush that I once had since WotLK and I would hate for this server that has so much potential be ruined by little things that can be changed if the people love the server as much as I do band together and work on it and are willing to put the time in. Also, sorry if there are mistakes in my grammar I am too lazy to go back and fix them. If I missed any crucial ideas/flaws in my system be sure to let me know and give me your idea on how to fix it.

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Or they could just disable equip drops, make coins + full bags lootable and increase the epic drop rate on specific mobs so its worth farming them and you still get valuable loot and good PVP in your real gear at those locations and the cache without an extra complex system.  And most people who are against it go to the cache / wpvp / farm in blues anyway so their argument is null.


And if they're so afraid to change it for fear of losing players, which is reasonable, then make it a part of the new BG or do it for a specific zone to test it out.  I guarantee there will be nonstop PVP and tons of fun especially with the potential loot.  I'd be camping it 24/7 instead of spamming BG's just like many other people who normally sit in SW or go out in blues.


Would be great if you could get orbs from it too cause there's no way i'm spending 12k per orb when you need 10 for a single RE and I don't even have enough honor for respecs as it is.  I actually have to stop PVPing and go farm mobs (which I dread cause of how boring it is), just to get shards to switch RE's.  Unless I sit in stealth and try to gank people, which is equally boring.

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Luh you biq boy, talk to you when I get back home

Best regards, best player NA/EU/Asia/Oceanic

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