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tanky in pvp , how?

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how are some people so extremly tanky in pvp? tanking 2-3 people at once and deal tons of dmg? i tried all defensive talents , im not nearly as tanky or deal the dmg-

so how people do it? stacking RE? but i cant find any RE that are so strong

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I wanna know this as well. What really irks me is when people seemingly have 80% dmg reduction against SPELLS without even having soul link or a voidwalker or anything. doesnt make any sense at all. see a guy take like 500 from my conflagrate on a crit with full immolate and fire damage talents and re's, then somebody else non crits me for 2k when I have fucking 45% damage reduction from talents. what the hell is that?

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Speced barkskin,shamanistic rage,There are 3x 3% damage and 3% spell damage DR Re's that dont stack but have different names so you can have them on your gear, all spell DR talents go to 6%,Moonkin forms wearing only leather armor, tree druid healers only wearing leather armor, Bear druids constantly healing under regen, enveloping shadows+predatory instincts is a realy good counter against TG bladestorm...etc etc...


It really depends of spec and what he was fighting with, for instance you could have shadowform and some other DR talents hit to 45% then you spec astral shift from elemental shaman and all of suddenly when silenced, stunned or feared you take 9% less damage from it atop of the rest.


Then there is anti crit talents that give DR and heal you up based on damage you take such as Natural prefection (restoration druid) which when ever you get crit reduces damage by 3%, stacks 3 times so thats 9% if you are crit often, same for Focused will.


Proc spells such as nether protection (destruction warlock) and blessed life (Holy paladin) are rng proc talents but really powerfull DR when they proc. Especialy nether protection since it will most certainly proc at least once in a fight. (spell DR)


Too many talents to narrow it down to what hes using since it will depend of scenario and what exactly is hitting him wat that specific moment.


Also soul link is pretty bad since it forces you to have a demon pet out which makes you waste a lot of talent essences and stuff just for a pet. 

Voidwalker/pet of your choice- 2 AE

Soul link- 2 AE 2 TE

Demonic embrace - 3 TE (Does this even work lol? Cant feel those 10% no matter how many times I tried)

Drain soul - 2 AE (Cant summon void warlker without it)


So you eat 6 AE and 5 TE for 20% dr (Taken demonic embrace works) which you can introduce elsewhere for better utilized DR that you can pick when to activate and no one can dispell of you. Demon pets get banished and there goes your shielding and DR, and the petty shield it provides can be purged with a flick of a button.

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i tried all defensive talents , like second wind , blood craze , nether protection and whatever + tree and 10k armor + hots and still wasnt as tanky and couldnt deal any dmg ....

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The key is invulnerability and CC, rather than raw soak. Unless it's in the form of gargantuan absorb shields, like some theorycrafted Mana Shield setups. Any TG Bladestormer can be handled fairly well by Frost Armor and a Frost Mage talent that increases the movement slow, alongside Frost Nova to Root them. It will at least burn another of their gap closer abilities, and you can Divine Shield and Ice Block the burst much more easily if they do. A Fear combined with a Slow gives you unopposed access to the enemy's HP, and following it up with a Stun gets you more time to damage them.

However, you need to reserve some disables for after their own "reset" tools, like the omnipresent Divine Shield/Lay on Hands combo. The key is to turn it into an attrition match, meaning you need to be able to survive their alpha strike, one way or another, then have enough consistent damage and CC to actually secure the kill.

If you want to try to win through raw tankiness, then you want to make hitting you as bad an idea as you can and maximize the power of Mana Shield for the largest Absorb possible, using everything left over to capitalize on what you used to get there. Which means being Rage and Energy reliant for most in-combat functions, so that you're less-than-screwed on resources when you're taking a beating. The damage routine would probably work best as a hitchance setup, utilizing the per-hit mana recovery Paladin skills offer and letting you use more of the standbys of the melee setups.

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Nurturing Instincts talents and RE's
Sheath of Light
Agility Scaling Talents & RE's
Quick Recovery
Earth Shield
Heals: PWS + Riptide + Holy Shock
Guardian Spirit
Imp Stormstrike
Defensive Stance + Improved + Tactical Mastery
Neither Protection
Fiery Payback
Imp Barkskin
Sham Rage
Pain Sup
Silence + Stuns

For a dmg core with this build, i would recommend Savage Strikes + Mongoose + Raptor + Counterattack 

You could also play Protection Warrior with Strength scaling + Touched by the Light + Sheath in Hybrid gear

Another is sustained Shadow
Shadow Dots dont require alot of talent investment for dmg if you pick up enough dots
Meaning you can dedicate a large portion of your talents into Def while being able to do dmg.
Things like Spirit into Spell Power can be good here as this increase both dmg and Healing

In other words Mitigation and Sustained Heals.

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Here is an example


Druid - Balance 

Druid - Feral 
    Nurturing Instinct (2/2)
    Survival of the Fittest (3/3)

Druid - Restoration 
    Improved Barkskin (2/2)

Hunter - Marksmanship 
    Combat Experience (2/2)

Hunter - Survival 
    Counterattack (1/1)
    Killer Instinct (3/3)
    Lightning Reflexes (3/3)
    Mongoose Bite
    Raptor Strike
    Savage Strikes (2/2)

Mage - Arcane 

Mage - Fire 
    Fiery Payback (2/2)

Paladin - Holy 
    Holy Shock (1/1)
    Seal of Light

Paladin - Protection
    Blessing of Kings
    Divine Shield
    Hand of Freedom

Paladin - Retribution 
    Sheath of Light (5/5)

Priest - Discipline 
    Pain Suppression (1/1)
    Power Word: Shield

Priest - Holy 
    Guardian Spirit (1/1)

Priest - Shadow 
    Dispersion (1/1)
    Silence (1/1)

Rogue - Assassination 
    Quick Recovery (2/2)

Rogue - Combat 
    Savage Combat (2/2)
    Sinister Strike

Rogue - Subtlety 
    Shadowstep (1/1)
    Sinister Calling (3/3)

Shaman - Enhancement 
    Improved Stormstrike (2/2)
    Shamanistic Rage (1/1)
    Stormstrike (1/1)

Shaman - Restoration 
    Earth Shield (1/1)
    Riptide (1/1)

Warlock - Destruction
    Nether Protection (1/3)

Warrior - Arms
    Tactical Mastery (3/3)

Warrior - Fury 

Warrior - Protection
    Defensive Stance
    Improved Defensive Stance (2/2)
    Warbringer (1/1)


x1 Deadly Bite
x1 Divine Purpose (Freedom)
x1 Pursuit of Justice
x1 Deadly Brew
x1 Body and Soul
x1 Lightning Reflexes
x1 Survival of the fittest
x4 Savage Strikes
x5 Nurturing Instincts

Stat allocation: Agility

Gear examples: Bloodfang / RAP gear, Untamed (2H), Darkmoon Cards, 5% hit

Enchants: Crusader + Wound Poison

Role: PvP Tank / 1v1


Edited by Ashsj1992

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