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War Effort Silithus Turn In Location + Rant

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Hey there!

I've been wondering ever since the War Effort release yesterday, what's the purpose of the turn in NPCs location (Silithus)?
It doesn't create any meaningful wPvP, as guards are there ruining it for anyone trying to get some decent action. You can camp the players going there if you're in a larger group, but ppl going there to turn in are naked anyway and only handing in 1 stack at a time, as gank squads and no skill ambush players just 1 shot anyone trying to hand in their materials.

Even going in a larger group for turn ins, you'll still get sniped by 2-5 ambush players 1 shotting you, popping defensives and vanishing. It's close to impossible to get to react and counterplay it, even if you're in a group of friends going together to hand in stuff.

Honestly the event really disappointed a lot of players, including me, as it doesn't feel like devs thought this through at all. The only players this location benefits are ambush players, which already is a huge problem in my opinion. It doesn't make any sense to reward that kind of playstyle as it's already a 0 risk, lots of rewards kind of spec. They go out in full blues with REs, basicly risking nothing, while being able to 1 shot players in full epics if they have a friend or two with them running ambush aswell. They take you down in a second, which makes it so you can't counterplay it in any way possible and you have no way of seeing it coming. They even have a huge chance of getting away due to the element of surprise, being able to sprint away and vanish in no time.

Also, what's the point of making the rare Setis basicly unkillable unless you go with a full 25+ man group in full PvE spec? Even at that point I'm unsure if it's possible as he spawns his adds that does 4k cleaves faster than you can kill them.

You also went completely against your own words (saying you don't want to punish players for the huge effort and piles of gold they put into their specs), by basicly nerfing 80% of the existing builds and straight up forcing a lot of players to completely rework their specs. The changes you've made to a lot of abilities and talents are so damn gamechanging. Basicly every melees sustain has been gimped super hard. All healers gimped super hard, and a whole lot of other changes making the builds that were ALREADY really strong before, even stronger now. As a melee I'm already being CC'd 90% of the time, and with huge nerf to self sustain it's very very frustrating to play at the moment.

You say you dislike specs that 1 shot and can not be counterplayed, yet the 2 most uncounterable specs in the game are either untouched by nerfs or even BUFFED (ambush and judgement), while every other build has to now do huge changes do their already gimped builds.

Might've sounded a bit ranty in this one, but I feel like these issues really needs to be addressed fast, before people start giving up on the event. At the moment the most enjoyable thing about the event is the Bug Invasions, but they spawn randomly and it's hard to tell where, as it's buggy and only shows up on the map sometimes. All you can do is scout for them and hope that you find one, but for a group of players that's a huge time sink for a potential reward that isn't even guaranteed, as you can search for hours and maybe not find any invasions at all.

That's my 2 cent, I guess it ended up sounding a bit ranty, but it's my honest opinion and I would really like to see this event succeed, but so far it just hasn't been a success for me.

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It just will never work if the guards issues aren't addressed, players can attack you and vanish and guards will go on you and then ambush rogues will just sit outside once you've been fucked by elite 60 guards and gg free loot, fix guards or just allow high level mats to be turned in at cities

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i love the Wpvp but i think this just hurts events i get it you want do more wpvp but this just makes a lot players either avoid it or just don't want to do it so make events like this normal play and add in new wpvp events that really worth the effort this is not 

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A BIS Ambush Rogue hit me with a 4k ambush followed by a 5.8k Eviscerate. 

I had 40% armor.

Enough Said.

"Cough"  TG, Judgment, Poison Hunter 

I have said this many times but Ascension PvP Feels like Beta Access, which most of these problems should of been Hotfixed in a few days..

But its been what..  a Year now ? 

The clock is ticking in my opinion.


I Hope they pull through the player base spike,  Ascension has many good idea's 


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yes Rogues are usually an insanely fun class to play and also very challenging but because they have nerfed every melee sustain and for some reason did not nerf ambush, every other person is going for the 3 button braindead ambush. Also just put the npcs in major cities already.

As for setis, 4k cleaves sounds a bit overboard but its a good idea to have a doable 20 main boss - lets hope it actually drops good items. 


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