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Welcome to The Dark Legion Cult - Guild -

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The main idea of the Guild
This guild is for all people who enjoy roleplaying but not roleplaying with "chat rules and stuff", just roleplaying as your character and interactions with the environment what goes from other players, npcs, land, lore, even planning, etc.
Features of the guild

- The Dark Legion Cult, is a brotherhood inside a guild of merchants, so you are allowed to have free full access to the guild bank if you are member, the quantity you can withdraw varies by rank.

- You will pass a very nice roleplay experience, will be events sometimes made on the in-game, but others will be scheduled and notified on the Guild forum (and in near future will be notified on a special site for the guild), such events will be full roleplaying, will from social meetings in a tavern, camping, raids, raids to other faction, raids against other guilds, parties, duel tournaments, and much more.
Requisites to be member of The Dark Legion Cult

- This one is not considered anymore (anyone can join now), but I will keep it here for remember is important for immersion of the lore of the guild. 
Your character must be "dark", must have tendencies of summon demons, use "dark magics", doesn't have to be just a Warlock, it could be warrior, rogue, hunter, etc, any class (custom too of course), but must have "dark convictions", such as greedy, ambitiousness, interest in mystical forces and nature of the universe. In other way cannot be a "shinny priest or paladin"...

- You must be interested on roleplay, you do not have to always roleplay, but must enjoy about the lore of Warcraft or your own character lore and the interactions with the environment.

- Also as a former merchant guild, you must have a profession (doesn't matter the level of advance), the idea is players complement their efforts and make business. This is the ideal.

- You must be loyal in terms of being able to see in long term about the guild, commitment is important.
About Ranks
The guild have 8 ranks, the features of each rank varies, as the amount of withdraws per day (gold/items), also with higher ranks you got more acces to guild management.

Related info:

Website (meanwhile): https://maredark3d.wixsite.com/tdlc-wowascension
Discord: (under management): https://discordapp.com/invite/CsFa4

If you are interested into join, contact (PM) any guild member or directly to Stentius (player GM)
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