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Why should I play on Ascension?

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I've just discovered Ascension and I have to say this is by far the most interesting WoW server I have ever seen. I'm a big fan of old school MMOs and mechanics, so when I saw you could kill people (even your own faction) and take their loot, it made me think of the good ol days of Ultima Online.


My question for you guys is this


What is stopping somebody like me, who has played WoW for years, to go on and make an insane Defensive/Utility build and never die?

I know there is a limit to how much speed increase abilities you can have, but is there a limit for defensive CDs, slows, stuns, snares, etc?

In my opinion all abilities need to be 'categorized' and then each category needs a limit to how many abilities you can have from that category.

This would stop somebody from stacking Defensive CDs, utility and other abilities that would break PvP if you were allowed too many of them.


Please let me know if it's already like this, or there is a system in place that prevents this? I really want to play Ascension, but should I quit before I even start?

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You will die no mater what build you make. Pretty much everyone on PA has plenty of defensive CDs. This doesnt make you immortal.

Ive seen some annoying pure FC builds that stacked not only defensive CDs and CC, but also reduce CC duration REs. They were almost unkillable 1v1 but lacked dmg to kill anyone. And even then, they died to 2-3 good players.


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1st - sorry for necro, if it can be considered as one

2nd - I couldn't help but to reply

Now the reply:

Your post is made of assumptions, little to no research and a bit of arrogance which can be felt in your rather colorful post.

I'm new here too and let me tell anyone who reads this post why he / she should play this GAME:

- it's not your random WoW

- it's not your random fun, custom server

- it's 100% free

- no pay to win

- amazing, well thought out and executed custom elements of interface

- great custom touches in game via random enchants, collection tabs and even ingame store with item previews. All executed to such level that beats a lot of renown companies.

- good sense of community in terms of what to focus on at certain realms ( various gameplay type options, high and low pace rates, each featuring specific type of pvp ((hardcore, softcore)) )

- future. you can clearly see this project is here to stay

What this project could use is some fine touch in terms of fixing small, annoying bugs. I personally hate that some trainers won't even open the menu...


So far, as a new player I'm having a blast!

Once again, if this was necro, I'm sorry but just couldn't help not to reply.

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