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Vendor Companion

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I am aware that this has been suggested before by other people and that i'm more or less just adding my name to the pool, but I feel adding some form of portable vendor to the game would just be a quality of life increase overall. This is a feature wow has offered in the past, specifically the mammoth and later on the guild companions. I don't really see the harm in adding something like this to the game, specifically I would even purchase it through the DP shop. Companions that perform functions and eliminate unnecessary times are already present in Ascension, and I don't see how adding something like this is necessarily p2w. It could even open up potential farming spots into viability, one of the reasons Darkwhisper gorge is so good is because your usually 2 blinks away from the vendor. Maybe even just add the Ethereal Soul-trader and enable him to purchase things from the player as an increase in function.

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