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Just hit 60, Time to give a bit of feedback :)

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Dear GM's + Whomever is interested :)


As the title reads, I only just hit level 60 yesterday after a good 2-3 weeks of having fun leveling here. I decided to throw together a quick post with a bit of feedback from my experience leveling a fresh char.

I want to start out with saying that I had an absolute blast and can't wait for the full release to come along! During my leveling I have made a lot of friends, and even a few enemies! all in good fun!

Down to binnis!

Mob Scripting here is by large VERY good, LoS pulling is a thing u can do vs casters, and patrol patterns of NPC's are often on the spot!(Galak scout in  1kN actually "Runs" his path, and is hard to catch up to even with aspect of the cheeta, Scarlet oracle / currier in EPL also walks the correct paths between strath and tyrs hand!) obviously there is flaws here and there, occationally you will run into a mob (mind the singular term) who clips into the ground, but its rare and far between.

Mobs also tend to cast spells on eachother when needed (Heals especially) which is also a good sign of proper scripting!

The strength of NPC's feels pretty good as well, it is obviously a breeze if you create a proper "killing machine" leveling spec, but they should probably not be overtuned to counter that since it would only force the meta even more.

The Custom UI features feel solid for a beta, could do with a slight overhaul of maybe specific colours for specific classes when viewing the ability / talent page (Before you click on either side, there is a slight glow effect, this is the same for all classes, minor thing).

One suggestion I want to raise is to have something like a "Free" respec once every 20/30 levels (20,40,60 or 30,60) this could open for more people trying out more original specs, and more experimentation.

My overall experience has so far been awesome, Loving the community (Even you world chat trolls) and I really enjoy chatting to you Devs in world, how you guys treat beta with interacting with your community, asking how changes feel etc. Is amazing.

Looking forward to more adventures and crazy buildmaking with yall in the future, and cant wait to hit the "Live" realm when it goes up.

Much love.



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EDIT: Some numbers here and there ^^

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