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Shadowlands- The final allied races.

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with shadowlands announcment, i've been hypothesis as to what the final 2 allied races may be. they must be related to worgen and undead in some way, if now not sharing the equal skeletion, being the same thematically. i have long gone over the data from the shadowlands exhibits and that i sense assured that i is probably going someplace. first of all, tyrande is in ardenwald, the emerald nightmare mirror of the shadowlands. kael’thas is in revendreth so here is my ideas. 2nd i accept as true with that the discharge of the closing 2 allied races could be late into shadowlands due to the fact they'll be released with the story.

the nightfae and venthyr glaringly require help from the azerothian heroes so… maybe the nightfae and venthyr will praise the heroes.uc browser shareit appvn

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