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Ironman challange was RUINED unfairly

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My character name is  i am Achilles. I am  Ironman 56lvl and i saw  NPC in Un'Goro Creater "Simone the Inconspicuous". Next to that NPC was another NPC like dog or wolf. That dog was 3k HP and i was readdy to kill it with all my CDs with no problem but... I Attacked the dog/wolf  and then i get instakilled from "Simone".  I didn't start the fight via talking with her. I didn't attack her at all.  I ATTACKED the WOLF/DOG, but she killed me with 1 hit 9000 dmg. That NPC wans't HOSTILE TARGET and i didn't do any dmg to her.  With all my clear mind i am not going to risk my Ironman challange by attacking ELIT MOB 17k HP when i am 4k HP and 4 lvls under it. I am leveling that character so carefully and safety. No risk at all. Only cleared battles, always avoiding the dangerous by using the paths and roads. I spend all my time doing it so precisely that i got all my proffesions almost to the end.

All I ask is JUSTICE. I am not trying to lie, cheat or hide any information of the situation.
The only one who can help me is the Ascension Staff member. Thats why i am making that topic.
I believe you will take all circumstances in consideration.

I didn't use any TRADE, MAIL, AUCTIONS, INVITES, DUNGEONS and so on.
I 'am keepeing the things right till i get answer from you so I will be offline by not playing till I get any resonse.

Thank you in advance!

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Let me correct you on this one: Ironman Challenge was failed fairly. Allow me to explain:

The two mobs you have encountered are linked together, the demon you saw is for Rokhdelar quest and is special type of elite designed around hunters. It should hit like hell without the proper string debuff on a demon. By attacking its pet you put a mark on yourself, and made it aggressive. You didn't have this knowledge and failed Ironman Challenge by your own mistake. Next time you do it try not to attack mobs you don't know, and please, don't bother staff members for "unfairness", in description of Ironman it says EVERYTHING including lags, your PC specs, realm disconnects, custom mechanics etc is part of Ironman Challenge.

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