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Lokking for City building games!!

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Ive played quite a few builders/sim's, and really enjoy that aspect of game play SimCity, SkyLines, Banished, Tropico

But I am looking for something a little else, something like Majesty..

-You are the governor of a small starting town, and you must herd your 'sheep' to find resources, and found new laws to protect the weak. You are unable to build anything yourself, solely relying on your subjects obeying your commands, but they dont want to! They demand homes, so you must sway the leaders of the town to vote for a residential zone.
Passed 7-6, you sold your soul to buy a vote, 1 leader is now building a factory right next to the houses your going to build-

Does this sound similar to anything anyone has played? (Sorry for the story :D) hotmail.com 

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